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IR laser pointer

IR Laser Pointer

IR laser pointers are infrared laser sights.

When turned on, laser pointers emit a continuous beam of light on the infrared spectrum that can only be seen by people wearing night vision goggles. The IR laser pointer is useful for helping team mates identify their position to other friendly soldiers. However, caution must be exercised when using laser pointers against enemies who also have access to night vision equipment.

In ArmA 3, the IR Laser Pointer is the sole attachment of its kind that can be attached to all weapons fitted with a side rail, such as the MX series or CAR-95.

Trivia Edit

  • In previous titles, laser pointer models varied (depending on the weapon) from the "AN/PEQ-2 TPIAL" to the "AN/PEQ-15 APTIAL"; both designed by subsidiaries of L3 Technologies (L3 Insight Technology and EOTech respectively).
  • The IR laser pointers on the M16A4/M4A1 series of weapons in ArmA 2 lacked any functionality and were merely cosmetic. Only the weapons introduced with Operation Arrowhead and its subsequent DLCs actually included working laser pointers, such as the L85 or XM8 families of assault rifles.
  • The ArmA 3 IR Laser Pointer is based on the real-life "Dual Beam Aiming Laser - Advanced2" made by Steiner Defense.
  • Unlike the real DBAL-A2, the in-game IR laser pointer lacks the ability to toggle between a visible red/green laser or an infrared illuminator.

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