The Ifrit is CSAT's primary MRAP (mine-resistant ambush protected) vehicle.

Faction CSAT
Type MRAP vehicle
Seats Unarmed: 5 (1 x Driver, 4 x Passengers); OR
Armed: 5 (1 x Driver, 1 x Gunner, 3 x Passengers)
Item capacity Unknown
Top speed ~137 km/h
Fuel capacity 94 L
Primary armament - 1x Remote RCWS 12.7mm HMG (2x 200 Rnds); OR

- 1x Remote RCWS 40mm GMG (1x 96 Rnds HE)

Secondary armament - 2x Smoke Generators
Variants - Unarmed




Overview Edit

« The Ifrit is a new Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) vehicle designed and manufactured in Russia. Its strengths lie in reliability in extreme weather conditions and crew protection, but its manufacturing costs are somewhat higher compared to other MRAPs. The Ifrit can be fitted with a RCWS turret and armed with a 12.7mm heavy machine gun or a 40mm grenade launcher.
Field Manual

Description Edit

The 'Ifrit' Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected Vehicle ('Ifrit' MRAP Vehicle) is a 4x4 jeep. It can fill in many roles, ranging from V.I.P. (Very Important Person) transport, escort, reconnaissance, in a protective and fast package.

The top speed of 137 km/h combined with the fuel capacity makes this excellent for long-range or long-duration missions where refueling would not be possible or for missions requiring speed above all else. However, although it is armoured enough it wouldn't stand against anything larger than 12.7mm so don't think about taking it against MBTs or driving it out into a hail of fire.

Another aspect that makes this above-average among jeeps is the crew placement. The driver is placed in the front, having it all to him/herself with a good view thanks to the large windows. Meanwhile, the rear of the vehicle, depending on the model, holds the gunner and three passengers or four passengers. They can look outside through the eight low-profile, long windows along the side and corners of the rear.

The geometry of the vehicle is rather sleek and futuristic looking, it having a sloped front that curves a bit at the corners, the sides and rear being flat at the top and sloping in the middle, then flat once again. The bottom is slightly sloped, as is the roof, to protect against mines and grenades as this is a MRAP jeep.

To access the vehicle there are four doors, two allowing access to the driver's section and two allowing access to the passenger's section of which all doors are placed frontally. In the rear is yet another, small, door providing access from the rear and to the rear. The wheels are less-than-safe, being exposed rather much, the only protection being the armour flanking them from above and in front.

In the rear, at the upper corners, are smoke dischargers that allow the jeep to cover its position in case of an emergency. This is best used when you overestimated yourself and got into a sticky situation, requiring a tactical retreat.

As said before, the driver is positioned in the front. The front and rear is separated by a walls of bars and screens, allowing the passengers to still talk to the driver but being rather cut off from him/her. Depending on where you sit in the rear, the two front seats, you will either see a screen (or being the gunner, depending on variant) or meet nothing but steel bars. The two other seats, positioned even further in the rear and providing little wiggle room, would land you in a blank environment.

Finally, depending on the variant it can either have one of these three: A searchlight that is stationary and unable to be turned on nor interacted with on the roof, a 12.7mm HMG in a RCWS turret on the roof, or a 20mm GMG in a RCWS turret on the roof.

Variants Edit

There are 3 variants of the 'Ifrit'.

'Ifrit' MRAP Vehicle ('Ifrit' Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected Vehicle): This version seats a driver and four passengers. The driver sits in the front, the windows providing an excellent view of the area in front of the vehicle. The driver him/herself is capable of these actions; driving the vehicle (obviously), turning the lights on and off, blowing the horn, and launching a smokescreen. The rear holds from 1 to 4 crewmembers of which none have any control over any of the vehicle. This version is also unarmed, made purely for transport.


'Ifrit' HMG MRAP Vehicle ('Ifrit' Heavy Machine Gun Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected Vehicle): This is another variants of the 'Ifrit'. Using the unarmed version as the base, the major change is a RCWS (remote controlled weapon system) turret being placed atop, a 12.7mm Heavy Machine Gun (most probably a Mk.30A) inside it with 2 magazines, 200 rounds each. That is controlled by the new gunner, the front-left passenger seat in the rear, previously having a blank screen, now having a RCWS control station. Other than that it is the same as the base 'Ifrit'.

'Ifrit' GMG MRAP Vehicle ('Ifrit' Grenade Machine Gun Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected Vehicle): Yet another variant, and again using the unarmed version as the base. The major change is a RCWS (remote controlled weapon system) turret being placed atop, a 20mm Grenade Machine Gun (most probably the Mk.32A) inside it with 96 rounds. Like the HMG version, the front-left passenger seat in the rear now has a RCWS control station to use the gun. Other than that it is the same as the base 'Ifrit'.

Skins Edit

All three variants have access to the same skins.

Hex: Following a light tan/dark tan/dark green cell pattern camouflage, this is used in forested, grass plains, and desert environments.

Green Hex: Following a dark tan/light green/dark green cell pattern camouflage, this is used in heavily forested and tropic environments.

Trivia Edit

  • The Ifrit appears to be modeled after the "Punisher", a Russian security forces armoured vehicle designed by ZiL.

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