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James Gastovski is a playable character in the Cold War Crisis campaign, and a supporting character in the Resistance campaign.

Operation Flashpoint Edit

Resistance (1982) Edit

James is a member of U.S. Special Forces who arrives to the Soviet-occupied island of Nogova to help the resistance. Some time before these events he met Victor Troska, a leader of Nogovan resistance (it is presumed they once served together). He also brings the weapon supplies which give the resistance a better chance of fighting against the Soviets.

James and his team mostly help with reconnaissance and sabotage operations. After the Soviets are pushed back to the airport, James discovers Guba's plan to bomb Nogova. After his request for help from U.S. forces is denied, he leads his team to destroy the bombers but his team is killed in action while he barely manages to escape. Then Victor manages to destroy the bombers but is also himself surrounded by the Soviets and killed. The U.S. forces then arrive and help to defeat the Soviets.

After the end of the war James, tired of fighting and saddened because of Victor's death decides to retire.

Cold War Crisis (1985) Edit

In the beginning James is seen as the owner of the small airline stationed close to the island of Malden. He is called back to service after an 'unknown hostile force' invades the island of Everon. The details of his involvement on Everon prior to the hasty retreat of the U.S. forces is not known.

After the Soviet invasion of Malden he and his team are sent to destroy the tanks in the main enemy encampment close to Lolisse. This operation is the beginning of the successful American counter-offensive which drives the Soviets from Malden.

James and David Armstrong are then sent back to Everon to contact the resistance. James then stays on Everon to gather the intelligence data about the Soviet forces there and to assist the resistance. There, he cripples an enemy tank base and destroys the number of Mi-24 Hind helicopters.

As the Soviets are being expelled from Everon, James and his team are sent to Kolgujev to locate and destroy the enemy air defenses. With the air defenses destroyed, the U.S. invasion of Kolgujev is quick and forces the Soviets back. However, General Guba then decides to use a nuclear-tipped SCUD missile against the Americans which would start a WW III.

James is then tasked with location and destruction of the well-defended SCUD mssile before it could be launched. The destruction of the SCUD causes the panic among the Soviets who retreat to the northern part of Kolgujev.

James is then sent to capture General Guba dead or alive. After arresting him, Guba reveals there is another SCUD missile so James must locate and destroy it as well. When he manages to destroy the SCUD, the war is over.

Status Quo (1991) Edit

James meets with the other protagonists in Status Quo in a bar on Everon after the 85's war.

ArmA 3 Edit

This is James Gastovski speaking...


  • Gastovski is a fan of the James Bond 007 movies.
  • James can speak Russian.
  • James only appears in the OFP (Cold War Crisis and Resistance) Series.