« The Kord is a Russian heavy machine gun. This weapon entered service in 1998 and replaced the older NSV machine gun. At first glance the Kord resembles the NSV but it provides greater accuracy during sustained fire.
The Kord uses 12.7x108 mm cartridges and has a rate of fire of about 750 rpm with an effective range of 2000m.
Armoury Description

KORD 12.7 mm
Faction - Russian Armed Forces
- Takistani Army
Type Heavy Machine Gun
Caliber 12.7×108 mm
Variable (dependent on platform)
Variants None
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The KORD is a 12.7 mm heavy machine gun that is only used by the Russian Armed Forces and Takistani Army in ArmA 2.

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The KORD is a static heavy machine gun that is chambered to fire the 12.7×108 mm cartridge.

It has a rate of fire that can reach up to 697 rounds per minute, and has a muzzle velocity of 850 m/s. The KORD lacks optical sights and relies on a simple ironsight for aiming. It has an effective firing range of 1,500 metres, and can be mounted onto either lowered or raised tripods.

Static KORD HMGs always feed from a single 50-round belt box by default, and have an additional three boxes to reload from. Vehicle-mounted KORDs such as those on the T-90 for example, tend to feed from 150-round boxes instead and have a variable number of spare boxes.

The KORD is one the latest Russian-made HMG designs to be used by both the Russian and Takistani military. Essentially a modernised version of the long-outdated DShKM, the KORD features a number of improvements such as having better accuracy over long distances, a greater effective range of 1,500 metres (as opposed to the DShKM's maximum of 1,200), as well as a higher rate of fire.

Like the DShKM, the KORD is also available in both raised and lowered tripod variants. It should be noted that the KORD's raised tripod variant is significantly larger than the DShKM's raised equivalent however, which does make the gunner easier to spot from afar (not to mention more vulnerable to being hit).

Trivia Edit

  • Like all pre-Operation Arrowhead static heavy weapons, Russian KORDs cannot be disassembled into a carryable backpack.
    • This is because the ability to dismantle/reassemble static weapons was only added with the release of the expansion pack, and was not retroactively applied to the original ArmA 2 static weapons (as none of the pre-expansion pack units are able to carry backpacks in the first place).
  • The KORD is incorrectly referred to by its manufacturer name instead of its actual GRAU index code of 6P57 (lowered tripod model) and 6P59 (for the raised tripod version).

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