« The Katiba is a 6.5mm assault rifle of an Eastern origin. Developed in cooperation with China, it features a (lightweight) bullpup design, reliability and low recoil. The Katiba is a standard issue weapon for OPFOR armies. Three version of the Katiba exist: standard, a shorter carbine and a GL version equipped with an under-slung grenade launcher. »

The Katiba series refers to the series of Katiba type 6.5×39 mm caliber service rifles used by CSAT forces in ArmA 3. This weapon bears a resemblance to the real-world French Famas , the Iranian KH-2002 and the SAR 21 from Singapore.


The Katiba 6.5 mm accepts the following attachments:




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  • The Katiba Series is based on the Iranian bullpup rifle KH-2002.

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