Standard variant Edit

Faction CSAT
Type Assault rifle
Caliber 6.5×39mm caseless
Variants Carbine, GL

The standard Katiba is a CSAT 6.5×39 mm caliber assault rifle featured in Arma 3.

Following the increasing popularity of the 6.5mm rifle round, the Katiba 6.5mm rifle was jointly developed by Iran and China as a replacement for their outdated KH2002 5.56mm rifle. It is standard issue for the The Islamic Republic of Iran forces. The Katiba series comes in standard, carbine, and grenade launcher variants.

In gameplay, it has less recoil than the NATO MX series, but also a slower reload and a slower rate-of-fire. It is also shorter overall, making it more maneuverable and versatile; generally it is easier to use than the MX.

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