Katiba GL 6.5 mm
Faction CSAT
Type Bullpup Assault Rifle / UGL
Caliber 6.5×39 mm / 40 mm
30 / 1
Variants Katiba, Katiba Carbine

The Katiba GL is a 6.5 mm bullpup assault rifle used by Mediterranean CSAT forces in ArmA 3.


The Katiba GL is simply a modified version of the baseline Katiba model that has an underbarrel grenade launcher attached to it. As with its parent counterpart, it is also chambered to fire caseless 6.5×39 mm ammunition, while the grenade launcher can fire 40 mm grenades.

It loads from the same 30 round box magazines and is statistics-wise, identical to the baseline Katiba. It can fit accessories onto both its top and side rails while also accepting muzzle attachments. The underbarrel EGLM grenade launcher uses a red dot quadrant sight that can be zeroed in to launch grenades at ranges of up to 400 m.

Aside from the underbarrel GL which slightly increases the weapon's inertia, the Katiba GL otherwise handles identically to the baseline model.