King Joseph III






Queen Isabella (daughter)
Prince Orlando (son)


ArmA: Armed Assault
ArmA: Queen's Gambit (mentioned)






Kingdom of South Sahrani
Royal Army Corps of Sahrani



King Joseph III is a character featured in ArmA: Armed Assault, being mentioned in ArmA: Queen's Gambit.


King Joseph III was the crowned monarch of the Kingdom of Sahrani. He is the father of Prince Orlando, his son and heir, as well as Princess Isabella.

His government maintains a close relationship with the United States of America. They have arranged a deal in which the United States Army maintains a base on the island while training Royal Army Corps of Sahrani soldiers.

Armed Assault (2006)Edit

During the withdrawal of US troops from the island in 2006, the Sahrani Liberation Army strikes in the city of Corazol. The SLA continues to gain ground as they advance further south, claiming the towns of Ortego and Dolores before their defeat at the southern capital of Paraíso.

With the arrival of the United States Marine Corps, the SLA surrenders and begans a retreat to the north. However, they are blamed for the massacres of civilians in the cities of Cayo and Tiberia, resulting in a renewed conflict as US Army and RACS troops invade the north. They surround the northern capital of Bagango and the Republic's Prime Minister, Torres, is captured and imprisoned. As the US troops finally withdraw from the island, the Kingdom is able to claim the northern territory.

Queen's Gambit (2007)Edit

King Joseph III quickly begins abusing the former citizens of the Republic as he consolidates his power in the north. However, he and his son Orlando are killed under suspicious circumstances in a helicopter crash in 2007, allowing his daughter Isabella to seize the throne and throwing the country once more into turmoil. Orlando is later revealed to have somehow survived the crash, and leads a rebellion against his sister.


  • In the Armed Assault campaign mission Gryphons, refugees encountered in what was thought to be a prison camp claim that the RACS troops were behind the massacres in Cayo and Tiberia under orders from the King.

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