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29 (RACS Flag

Flag of South Sahrani

30 (SahraniS)

Map of South Sahrani

The Kingdom of South Sahrani, or shortened to South Sahrani, was one of two nations on the island of Sahrani in the north of Atlantic Ocean before the Sahrani war. It became United Sahrani after the Sahrani war when it conquered its northern neighbour, the Democratic Republic of Sahrani.

International RelationsEdit

Before the Sahrani war, the Kingdom of Sahrani had poor relations with its northern communist neighbour, the Democratic Republic of Sahrani, or simply North Sahrani. The United States was a supporter of South Sahrani and provided US Army troops to train RACS (Royal Army Corp of Sahrani) and prevent North Sahrani from invading.

After the war, South Sahrani absorbed North Sahrani and became United Sahrani, it still has good relations with the United States.


33 RACS 3

RACS Soldier

The Kingdom of South Sahrani's military is only made up of the RACS (Royal Army Corp of Sahrani). There is no navy but the RACS does have several small boats which can be used to board ships, transport special forces and perform patrols. There is also no air force, the only aircraft are several MH-6 and AH-6 helicopters serving with the RACS.

The RACS is outfitted mainly with NATO equipment, they wear desert camouflage outfits with flak jackets and helmets. Their boots are also in desert camo.

When the Sahrani war began, it was the first conflict the RACS had been involved in and, with the help of US forces, RACS troops managed to push North Sahrani forces back to their capital, Bagango.

After the war, RACS forces helped rebuild their ruined infrastructure during the war.

Natural FeaturesEdit

South Sahrani has several different terrains, in the south there are deserts, in the centre of South Sahrani the terrain is similar to the areas around the Mediterranean with tropical vegetation. In the north of South Sahrani near the border, the terrain changes to a sub-tropical environment similar to parts of Europe.

South Sahrani's tallest mountain is San Esteban with a height of 395 metres.

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