« The L110A1 is a British designation for a Belgian 5.m56mm light machine gun Minimi Para. It is an air-cooled weapon, capable of fully automatic fire only, and it is adjusted to be used as paratroopers weapon. This rifle features the red-dot Aimpoint gunsight and the AN/PEQ-2 laser pointer.
Armoury Description

L110A1 5.56 mm
Faction British Army
Type Light Machine Gun / SAW
Caliber 5.56×45 mm NATO
Variants None
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The L110A1 is a 5.56 mm squad automatic weapon that is exclusively used by British Army troopers in ArmA 2. It was added with the release of the British Armed Forces DLC.

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The L110A1 is a belt fed, light machine gun that is chambered to fire the 5.56×45 mm NATO round.

It feeds from 200 round linked belts stored in plastic boxes, and can attain a rate of fire of up to 910 rounds per minute with a muzzle velocity of 915 m/s. The L110A1 is fitted with a laser pointer and CCO red dot sight by default.


A team of troopers secure a road. Note the two automatic riflemen armed with L110A1s in the front and rear.

Essentially the British Army's equivalent of the M249 SAW used by U.S. forces, the L110A1 is a light machine gun that packs the firepower of 200 rounds of 5.56 mm ammunition in a compact package. With a fairly high base rate of fire, the L110A1 can provide sustained cover fire and be used to accurately suppress targets at ranges of 300 and up to 600 metres away.

Like the M249 however, the L110A1 is neither as powerful as dedicated medium machine guns such as the M240 or the L7A2 due to firing 5.56 mm as opposed to 7.62 mm, nor is it capable of reaching targets located as far out as the former two.

It is best utilised in its intended role as a light support weapon for use in close-medium ranged engagements, rather than being treated as an MMG.

Trivia Edit

  • The in-game L110A1 features a number of inaccuracies when compared to its real life counterpart. Examples include the lack of an FN handguard (the in-game version uses a railed one instead), using an M249-style heatshield (the real L110A1 does not have a heatshield), and a non-standard rear sight.

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