Faction NATO
Type Assault rifle
Caliber 5.56×45mm
Variants M203

The M16A2 is a 5.56×45mm assault rifle and part of the M16 family of firearms, it was developed in the 1980s at the request of the US Marine Corps to replace the M16A1. It is currently used in over 80 countries and over 8 million have been produced.

Appearances Edit

ArmA Edit

« The M16 assault rifle entered service in 1965 at the onset of the Vietnam War. It answered the Army's need to replace the ill-suited M14 with a lightweight rifle capable of effective automatic fire. The M16 uses a small, high velocity round with low recoil and good armor penetration, effective to about 500m.
ArmA 2 website
46 M16A2 Soldier

A Soldier with an M16A2

45 M16A2 ironsights

Ironsights of the M16A2

The M16A2 is used by RACS and is sometimes seen with US soldiers, there are two different firing modes, the first is standard semi-automatic and the second is a three round burst mode, the three round burst is quite accurate but it is recommended to use the semi-automatic mode. Its ironsights make it sometimes hard to see enemies but are good for long range shooting. When playing Armed Assault it is recommended to switch the M16A2 for a different gun.

There are two versions of the M16A2 in Armed Assault, the first is a standard M16A2 and the other version is an M16A2 fitted with an under-barrel M203 grenade launcher.

ArmA 2 Edit

The M16A4 variant is the standard assault rifle of the US Marines faction, equipping almost every class of soldiers. In the Operation Arrowhead expansion, the Takistani Army and Locals use the older A2 to some extent, most notably the grenade-launcher version. Contrary to real-life, the US Army of Operation Arrowhead does not use the M16s or M4s by default, coming equipped with the now-cancelled SCAR-L instead.

The M16 uses the 5.56x45 mm rounds in STANAG 20-round or 30-round magazines but may take the G36 5.56 mm magazines if need be. The widespread use of the 5.56x45 rounds - being also used in M4, SCAR-L, L85, G36, XM8 and CZ805 rifles as well as MG36, M249 and L110 squad support weapon - made it relatively easy to find in ArmA 2 battlefields as opposed to the more restricted 7.62 mm NATO or, surprisingly, AK-47 rounds, especially in areas where Western BLUFOR forces operate. Nonetheless, it still cannot compare to the availability of the 5.45 mm AK-74 ammunition that is used by quite literally every faction.

Both M16A2 and A4 can be equipped with M203 grenade launcher, although only A4 variants have ACOG magnified scopes.



M16A2 + M203Edit

M16A4 Edit

M16A4 + M203 Edit

M16A4 ACOG Edit

M16A4 ACOG + M203 Edit

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