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Real M16A4

The M16A4 is an assault rifle that fires 5.56mm NATO ammunition, it is also the successor to the M16A2 and M16A3. It is currently used by the US marine corps and some US army units. It looks very similar to the M16A2 but has several useful features like a removable carry handle and intergrated rail mounting system.

In GameEdit

48 M16a4 ing

M16A4 in Game

45 M16A2 ironsights

M16A4 Ironsight

In Armed Assault the M16A4 is used only by US soldiers, it uses the 30 round and 20 round STANAG magazines and has two different fire modes, a three round burst mode and a semi-automatic mode. It still has the same restrictive sights as the M16A2 but is slightly less accurate when using the burst mode so it is reccomended to stay on semi automatic.

There are four different versions of the M16A4 in Armed Assault, the first version is a standard on with iron sights, the second replaces the ironsights with an M150 RCO ACOG sight. The third version mounts a M203 grenade launcher. The fourth is a M16A4 which has the M150 RCO sight mounted and also has an M203.



M16A4 RCOEdit

M16A4 + M203Edit

M16A4 RCO + M203Edit

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