« The M16 assault rifle entered service in 1965 at the onset of the Vietnam War. It answered the Army's need to replace the ill-suited M14 with a lightweight rifle capable of effective automatic fire. The M16 uses a small, high velocity round with low recoil and good armor penetration, effective to about 500m.
Armoury Description

M16A4 5.56 mm
Faction USMC
Type Assault Rifle
Caliber 5.56×45 mm NATO
Variants M16A4 M203
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The M16A4 is a 5.56 mm assault rifle used by U.S. Marines in ArmA 2.


The M16A4 is a gas operated, selective-fire assault rifle that is chambered to fire the 5.56×45 mm NATO round.

It can load from the same 30 round STANAG magazines used by other 5.56 mm weapons like its U.S. Army counterpart, and is able to attain a fire rate of up to 800 rounds per minute, with a muzzle velocity of 930 m/s. The M16A4 features a wide variety of models fitted with optical sights ranging from CCO red dot sights and ACOG riflescopes, as well as (non-functional and cosmetic only) laser pointer accessories. It does not come in any variant fitted with a muzzle suppressor.


U.S. Marine armed with the M16A4. Note the CCO red dot sight and AN/PEQ-2 IR laser sight.

The standard issue service weapon of the U.S. Marine Corps during the events of Operation Harvest Red, the M16A4 is a fairly precise and all-round decent weapon. It looks very similar to the M16A2, but has several useful features added such as a removable carryhandle and an integrated rail mounting system.

Unlike its older counterpart, the M16A4 is designed to be modular and features a wide variety of accessories for the operator to choose from thanks to its rail system. Variants with non-magnified optics are generally effective against targets that are up to 400 metres away.

When opting for variants fitted with riflescopes such as the M16A4 RCO, the M16A4 can be accurately used to engage targets at distances of up to 600 metres away instead.

Though it can only be toggled to fire in either semi-automatic or 3-round burst modes, simply tapping the trigger as quickly as possible allows the operator to essentially fire on full auto as there is almost an unnoticeable delay between bursts.


M16A4 M203

M16A4 M203 5.56 mm
Faction USMC
Type Assault Rifle / UGL
Caliber 5.56×45 mm NATO / 40 mm
30 / 1
Variants M16A4
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The M16A4 M203 is a modified variant of the baseline M16A4 rifle that has an underbarrel grenade launcher attached to it. Along with its parent weapon, it is also chambered to fire the same 5.56 mm NATO round but the underbarrel M203 is designed to launch 40 mm grenades instead.

The M203 has a conventional leaf sight that is accurate at ranges of up to 300 metres. It is otherwise virtually identical to the standard M16A4 in every other way.


  • The M16A4 M203's inventory description is amusingly misspelled as an "Assault rifle with grenade luncher".
  • Aside from the baseline grenadier variant of the M16A4, all other models of the M16A4 are fitted with optical sights instead of ironsights by default.
  • Both the M16A4 and its carbine counterpart, the M4A1, are implied to have been completely replaced in U.S. military service by the SCAR series sometime before 2012 in the Armaverse.
    • Neither of the two weapons can be seen being used by U.S. Army soldiers during the events of Operation Arrowhead.
      • However, several pre-release for Operation Arrowhead do show the M16A4 in use by U.S. Army troops, which suggests that it was intended to have been their primary weapon before being replaced by the SCAR family.
    • This is completely unauthentic to real-life, as neither the 5.56 mm nor the 7.62 mm variants of the SCAR were considered for adoption at any point by conventional U.S. forces (though some special forces units did adopt the weapon).


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