The M1 Abrams is a US main battle tank. It is named after a Vietnam War commander, Gen. Creighton Abrams. The Abrams one of the most powerful and best-protected tank in the world decades after its creation. In the ArmA series, the Abrams is exclusively used by the US Army and Marines. Like in reality, few weapons in-game can seriously threaten the Abrams.

History Edit

Designed late in the Cold War to replace the M60 Patton, the Abrams was first conceived as a joint project with West Germany under the designation MBT-70. Over-budget and impractical, the partnership ended before the MBT-70 could be accepted for service. Eventually both countries went ahead with their own design. The result was Abrams on the American side and the Leopard 2 on the German side.

The Abrams came timely, as the older Patton tanks are likely to be outclassed by the newer Soviet T-64 and its mass production version, the T-72. Never produced in numbers comparable to the T-55 or T-72, the Abrams relied on better technology and training to win engagements. As the Gulf War in 1991 proved, the Abrams can inflict tremendous losses on formations equipped with Soviet tanks, while sustaining very few losses of their own.

Even after the end of the Cold War and the Gulf War, the Abrams is continuously improved. Initially armed with 105 mm gun, the M1A1 version was upgraded with a 120 mm gun. The M1A2 feature thermal sights for the commander as well as improved depleted uranium armor. In the 2003 invasion of Iraq, it was discovered that the Abrams are vulnerable to hand-held anti-tank weapons, especially in close quarters. The result was the TUSK (Tank Urban Survival Kit) improvement. Currently the most advanced version is the M1A2SEP (System Enhancement Package), pending the newer M1A3, due to be operational in 2017.

In-Game Edit

ArmA Edit

ArmA 2 Edit

In ArmA 2, the M1 Abrams equips the US Marines and (in the expansion, Operation Arrowhead) US Army. There are two versions of the Abrams in ArmA 2, the M1A1 and the significantly better-armored M1A2 TUSK. It is arguably the most powerful ground vehicle in the series. The only other tank in the game that can challenge the Abrams is the Russian T-90. While not as well-protected, the T-90 can fire anti-tank missiles that pose serious threat to the Abrams.

Players can use the Abrams in two single-player missions in Operation Arrowhead. In both cases, the player commands an armored column tasked to seek out and destroy the enemy.

In-Game DataEdit


ArmA 2Edit

Type: Main battle tank

Crew: 3 (M1A1, commander, driver, gunner) or 4 (M1A2 TUSK, commander, driver, gunner, loader)

Primary weapon: One M256A1 120 mm smoothbore cannon

Secondary weapons: One 7.62 mm M240 machine gun (two on M1A2 TUSK, the extra machine gun controlled by the loader), One 12.7 mm M2 heavy machine gun (commander-controlled)

Optics: Night vision sights for all crew members, thermal vision sights for commander and gunner

Users: US Marine Corps, US Army

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