« The M240 is a belt-fed, gas-operated machine gun. This weapon is used extensively by US armed forces infantry, mounted on ground vehicles, boats and aircraft. It is highly prized for its reliability, good rate of fire, impact and durability. The M240 uses 7.62x51 mm ammunition.
Armoury Description

M240 7.62 mm
Faction - USMC
- U.S. Army
- Takistani Army
Type General-Purpose Machine Gun
Caliber 7.62×51 mm NATO
Variants None
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The M240 is a 7.62 mm general-purpose machine gun that is primarily used by both USMC and U.S. Army forces, and in limited numbers with the Takistani Army in ArmA 2.

Overview Edit

The M240 is a gas operated medium machine gun with an open bolt design that is chambered to fire the 7.62×51 mm NATO round.

It loads from 100 round belts stored in cloth boxes and has a fire rate of up to 846 rounds per minute, with a muzzle velocity of 900 m/s. The M240 is available in a single variant that has an M145 telescopic sight attached (called the M240 Scope in-game) but does not support either muzzle attachments or side rail accessories.


A two-man U.S. Marine weapons team provide suppressive with the M240.

The M240 was the standard issue GPMG used by the U.S. military during the events of Operation Arrowhead. It is a powerful medium machine gun that has an effective range of between 800 and up to 1,200 metres, and is designed to provide suppressive fire over medium to long distances. Thanks to its use of the 7.62 mm NATO round, it has exceptional stopping power against infantry and light vehicles alike.

It is similar to both the Mk 48 Mod 0 and the British Army's L7A2 in that using the M240 prevents the user from being able to carry a backpack (incidentally, a problem shared amongst all GPMGs). Likewise, the M240's length and heavy weight makes it quite ineffective to use at close ranges, since the ungainly design of its long barrel makes it difficult to wield in close quarters.

In addition, the M240's recoil is very difficult to control when it isn't fired from a prone position. However, if going prone is not an option then the shooter can still reduce its recoil by simply firing in short bursts of 2-4 rounds instead.

It should also be noted that neither the ironsight or scoped variant of the M240 can be zeroed like the L7A2 by default. Shooting at its maximum range of 1,200 metres is solely dependent on the operator's skill and their current position.

Trivia Edit

  • The M240 is commonly used either as a coaxial machine gun on armoured U.S. vehicles or as a crew weapon on some transport helicopters.
  • In-game U.S. Army machine gunners are erroneously depicted as using the same "M240G" ("Golf") variant as the USMC. In real life, the U.S. Army only uses the "M240B" ("Bravo") exclusively and doesn't utilise the M240G at all.
    • Strangely enough, Takistani Army UH-1H helicopters are also shown using the M240 despite the fact that their regular ground forces use the Russian-made PKM instead.
  • The M240 incorrectly shares the same model with the L7A2. Even though the real L7A2 is mechanically the same as the M240 (save for its 10-position gas regulator versus the M240's 3), it is differently furnished and would not be visually identical to the M240.
  • Curiously, the icon for the M240 Scope variant depicts the M240 with an Elcan "SpectreOS" optical sight (which is actually used on the Mk17 EGLM) instead of the in-game "M145 MGO".

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