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« M320 Long Range Rifle is a .408 caliber sniper rifle developed in the United States. The M320 LRR is a bolt-action rifle valued for its accuracy up to 2000 m. »
M320 LRR
Faction NATO
Type Sniper/Anti-materiel rifle
Caliber .408 CheyTac
Variants None

The M320 LRR is the .408 anti-materiel rifle used by NATO snipers.


Only rifle optics can be swapt out as it has a integrated bipod and the standard issue has no barrel threading. Compared to the GM6 Lynx, it has a much swifter round that is capable of traveling farther than the 12.7x108 mm round but at the cost of losing power. This weapon system is available in standard black, Arid multicam or Tropical multicam included in the Apex DLC.

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  • The M320 LRR is based on the real-world CheyTac M200 Intervention.
  • The M320 LRR's round is smaller than the .50 caliber round of the GM6 Lynx.
  • The bolt seems to have no animation suggesting its an new version of the weapon that features a automatic bolt cocking system. The GM6 Lynx also does the same action.

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