Faction NATO
Type Assault rifle
Caliber 5.56×45mm
Variants QDS, M203

The M4A1 is a shorter version of the M16 assault rifle that, like its parent rifle, fires 5.56×45mm NATO ammunition.

Overview Edit

« The M4A1 Carbine is a shortened version of M16. It sports a shortened barrel and collapsible stock, making it the Special Operations weapon of choice. In contrast to the M16A2, with its 3-round burst mode, the M4A1 is capable of fully automatic fire. Thanks to the SOPMOD program the M4A1 can be modified with a variety of special accessories including optics such as the M68 Aimpoint and ACOG, an easily detachable suppressor, the M203 under barrel grenade launcher, and many others.
ArmA 2 website

This firearm is currently used in 41 different countries. It is very similar to earlier M16 carbine versions such as the XM177.

Its shorter length makes it better for urban combat than the M16, due to the M16s long barrel making it hard to exit vehicles and maneuver inside buildings properly.

Its shorter barrel does makes it less accurate. The M4 can fire on semi-automatic and full automatic, while the M16A4 can only fire semi-automatic and three round burst. The M4 is currently the standard issue to U.S. Special Operations Units, however it is soon to be replaced by the much more durable HK416.



M4A1 QDSEdit

M4A1 QDS CamoEdit

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In-game Edit

ArmA Edit

In Armed Assault the M4 is only used by US soldiers and uses 20 round or 30 round STANAG magazines. There are two different firing modes, a semi-automatic mode and a 3 round burst. The 3 round burst is rather inaccurate so it is highly recommended to stay on the semi-automatic firing mode.

There are 2 versions of the M4 in game, the first has an Aimpoint CompM2 sight mounted, the second has an M203 grenade launcher and an M150 RCO sight mounted.

ArmA 2 Edit

Arma 2 M4A1

A USMC Corpsman (left) and Force Recon operator (right) armed with M4A1 in ArmA 2. Note that the Force Recon M4A1 is camouflaged.

In ArmA 2 the M4 comes in multiple different variations, each one having a different sight or a grenade launcher, depending on which the player chooses. It is first introduced in ArmA 2 but sees less use by default in ArmA 2: Operation Arrowhead, where it is replaced by the SCAR for use by a majority of American Army personnel in the campaign.

The most notable user of M4 in ArmA 2 is the US Marines Force Recon, preferring the weapon over its longer cousin, the M16A4, used by other Marine personnel. Some customization for Force Recon's rifles include silencer, camouflaged exterior and infrared laser. USMC crewmen is also equipped with M4 by default. In Operation Arrowhead's expansion, Private Military Company, a few contractors are also armed with M4A3 with desert camouflage by default. Certain Czech special forces unit is also equipped with the same A3 variant.

ArmA 3 Edit

While not available in ArmA 3 by default the M4 carbine can be acquired through the following add-on(s):

Note: additional add-ons may be required for attachments and mounting capability.

As with the base game's weapons, iterations of this weapon in ArmA 3 benefit from the ability to switch out attachments without the player having to obtain a completely different weapon. Only grenade launchers are fixed.

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