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Faction NATO
Type Self-propelled howitzer
Seats 3 (Driver, Gunner, Commander)
Item capacity Unknown
Top speed Unknown
Fuel capacity Unknown
Primary armament 1 × 155mm cannon
Secondary armament 1 × remote-operated MG

The M4 Scorcher is NATO's primary heavy indirect fire-support vehicle in ArmA 3.


« Based on the licensed version of an Israeli tank chassis, the Scorcher M4 is a 155mm self-propelled artillery at the end of its lifetime cycle. It has modules allowing indirect fire support, with an advanced artillery computer allowing for various unguided and guided ammunition to be fired. The rear of the chassis no longer permits transporting passengers, as ammunition storage is installed. »

Trivia Edit

  • The cannon is based on the Paladin SPG, and the turret also shares similarities with the Paladin SPG, only slightly modified in the rendering program or game engine used.
  • The Scorcher appears to be based on the Merkava Sholef (Slammer), a self-propelled howitzer of which only two were made.


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