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Faction NATO
Type Self-propelled MLRS
Seats 2 (1 x Driver, 1 x Gunner)
Item capacity Unknown
Top speed Unknown
Fuel capacity Unknown
Primary armament 12 × 230mm Titan Rockets
Secondary armament None

The M5 Sandstorm functions as NATO's mobile MLRS platform in ArmA 3.


« The Swedish Multiple Launch Rocket System is a replacement of the original U.S. MLRS platform. Built in 2021, it utilizes smaller rockets equipped with modern engines, resulting in longer range and accuracy. The launch pod is mounted on a Slammer chassis and loads 12 unguided rockets.
In-game Field Guide

Trivia Edit

  • The Sandstorm's rocket launcher pod is based on the M993 Launcher used by the real-world "M270 MLRS".
  • The chassis on the other hand, like its parent vehicle the Slammer, and its gun-armed Scorcher cousin, is based on the "Merkava Mark IV" MBT.
  • Functionally, the Sandstorm's overall role and operation is also similar to that of the "TOS-1 Buratino".


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