Faction NATO
Type Self-Propelled Rocket Artillery
Seats 2 seats:
  • 1× Driver
  • 1× Gunner
Item capacity Max: 3000 kg
  • 12× Weapons
  • 128× Magazines
  • 12× Backpacks
Top speed 64 km/h
Fuel capacity 100 L
Primary armament Main:
  • 1× 230 mm Titan Rocket Pod
Secondary armament Defensive:
  • 1× Smoke Generator
Variants M2A1 Slammer, M2A4 Slammer UP, M4 Scorcher

The M5 Sandstorm is an armoured, self-propelled, multiple rocket launcher used by NATO forces in ArmA 3.


  • Role:
    • Indirect fire support
« The Swedish Multiple Launch Rocket System is a replacement of the original U.S. MLRS platform. Built in 2021, it utilizes smaller rockets equipped with modern engines, resulting in longer range and accuracy. The launch pod is mounted on a Slammer chassis and loads 12 unguided rockets.
Field Manual


Sharing the same chassis as its MBT parent, the Sandstorm is essentially a mobile rocket battery on treads. It can accurately deliver high-explosive rockets with a dispersion of less than 100 m on targets more than 11 km away in a single salvo.


A battery of Sandstorms carry out a fire mission at nighttime.

The Sandstorm's standard loadout has the launcher pod pre-loaded with 12 high-explosive (HE) 230 mm rockets. These rockets can damage, if not outright destroy even MBTs with indirect impacts, making the Sandstorm a highly valuable asset in any situation.

Care must be taken with the Sandstorm's operation however, as even though it retains the same protection levels as its parent vehicle like its gun-armed counterpart, it completely lacks any form of defensive weaponry that would allow it to defend itself within a reasonable capacity.

Even though direct fire is possible by aiming the launcher at the enemy, it is highly inaccurate at close ranges and is generally considered to be a waste of the Sandstorm's limited munitions.

Crew Capacity
The Sandstorm has a seating capacity of just two personnel for a crew that consists of the driver and gunner. It cannot transport any passengers or additional crewmen.


  • Sand: Standard pattern-less dark tan paint scheme used by all NATO ground vehicles and certain aircraft. This can be universally employed in all types of terrain, but is more suited to arid and forested environments. Any camo nets applied on the Sandstorm's hull or turret will use a two-tone desert camouflage pattern scheme.
  • Olive: Tropical olive green paint scheme. Only useful for jungle or woodland environments. Camo nets attached to the Sandstorm use a two-tone woodland camouflage pattern when this scheme is used.


  • Camo Net (Hull): Drapes the entire hull with camouflage netting. Partially conceals covered sections from thermal sensors.
  • Camo Net (Turret): Identical to the Hull camo net, but for the launcher pod instead.


It can fire all twelve of its rockets in under 10 seconds, giving it one of the fastest firing rates of any artillery piece in ArmA 3 alongside the AAF's Zamak MLR.

The M5 Sandstorm has eleven usable range modes available for firing:

  • 997 to 1,342 metres (ETA 21-17 seconds)
  • 1,281 to 1,724 metres (ETA 24-19 seconds)
  • 1,676 to 2,256 metres (ETA 27-22 seconds)
  • 2,190 to 2,946 metres (ETA 31-25 seconds)
  • 2,846 to 3,829 metres (ETA 36-38 seconds)
  • 3,729 to 5,018 metres (ETA 41-35 seconds)
  • 4,927 to 6,630 metres (ETA 47-38 seconds)
  • 6,366 to 8,566 metres (ETA 53-44 seconds)
  • 8,242 to 11,091 metres (ETA 61-51 seconds)
  • 10,599 to 14,263 metres (ETA 69-59 seconds)
  • 13,415 to 18,052 metres (ETA 78-65 seconds)

It also has two more selectable (but barely targetable) range modes:

  • 17,169 to 23,104 metres (ETA 88-73 seconds)
  • 22,356 to 30,083 metres (ETA 101-82 seconds)

Selectable but completely untargetable range modes:

  • 29,981 to 40,344 metres (ETA N/A)
  • 38,816 to 52,232 metres (ETA N/A)
  • 50,458 to 67,898 metres (ETA N/A)

The last three range modes cannot actually be used because the artillery computer's map is not large enough to allow the user to target a position from within the minimum/maximum range arcs. This means that the Sandstorm's real effective range is limited to between just 1,000-18,000 metres.


  • The Sandstorm's rocket launcher pod is based on the M993 Launcher used by the real-world "M270 MLRS". The chassis on the other hand, like its parent vehicle and its gun-armed counterpart, is based on the "Merkava Mark IV" MBT.
  • Functionally, the Sandstorm's overall role and operation is also similar to that of the Russian-made "TOS-1 Buratino". Like the Sandstorm, the Buratino combines an MRL pod with a tank chassis.
  • Prior to the release of the Tanks DLC, the Sandstorm was the only rocket-based artillery vehicle of its kind in ArmA 3 until the inclusion of the Zamak MLR.


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