Faction - Civilians
- Syndikat
Type Compact SUV
Seats Transport variant: 4 seats:
  • 1× Driver
  • 3× Passengers

Armed variants: 3 seats:

  • 1× Driver
  • 1× Gunner
  • 1× Passenger
Item capacity Max: 4000 kg
  • 12× Weapons
  • 64× Magazines
Top speed 196 km/h
Fuel capacity 45 L
Primary armament AT Loadout only:
  • 1× SPG-9 73 mm

LMG Loadout only:

  • 1× LIM-85 5.56 mm LMG
Secondary armament None
Variants MB 4WD (AT), MB 4WD (LMG)


The MB 4WD is a compact Sport Utility Vehicle commonly used by both Tanoan and Altian civilians, IDAP aid workers, and Syndikat rebels in ArmA 3. It was added with the release of the Apex DLC.


  • Roles:
    • Civilian transportation
    • Recreational driving
    • Troop transport
    • Fire support
« The MB 4WD is a modern four-wheel drive off-road vehicle with a distinctive construction. The vehicle was produced in the US and exists in a number of different editions. Thanks to the powerful engine, durable chassis and great maneuverability, this vehicle can handle difficult terrains from dry deserts to humid jungles or artic wastelands. The MB 4WD can be used as a civilian car.
Field Manual


The MB 4WD is a rugged, civilian four-wheel drive, two-door off-road capable SUV.

It is available in three variants, the standard transport that is unarmed and is designed purely for civilian use, an armed variant that has a LIM-85 5.56 mm light machine gun fitted to a pintle that's mounted onto the top of the roll cage, and a second armed variant that has an SPG-9 73 mm recoilless rifle (also attached to the roll cage).

The compact size and light weight of the MB 4WD also allows it to be airlifted by aircraft as well; either internally or via slingloading. Though the baseline MB 4WD variant does not retain any armament, all passengers are able to fire their own weapons out of it.

The MB 4WD has very good handling while driving on rough terrain, and can accelerate rapidly both on- and off-road.

Just like its non-SUV counterpart, the MB 4WD is a civilian vehicle and naturally does not possess armour plating. Some variants even have both passenger doors and the roll cage removed, which means that the driver and passengers are equally vulnerable to small arms fire.

Crew Capacity
The MB 4WD has a seating capacity of up to four passengers. This includes the driver, and up to three passengers who sit on the front-right seat and in the rear. Armed variants only have a maximum capacity of three, as the rear two seats are occupied by the gunner.


Baseline transport-only variant. Is unarmed and can carry up to three passengers at a time.

Armed with an SPG-9 73 mm recoilless rifle that is mounted onto a pintle fixed to the top of the roll cage. The SPG-9 has access to 12 PG-9N high-explosive anti-tank (HEAT) and 8 OG-9VM high-explosive (HE) rounds.

It can only transport a single passenger, who sits in the front right seat.

Identical to the AT variant but is armed with a LIM-85 5.56 mm light machine gun instead.

The LIM-85 feeds from a single 200-round belt box and has a further two in reserve (for a total of 600 rounds). Transports the same number of passengers as the AT variant.


  • Black: Pattern-less black paint scheme.
  • Blue: Pattern-less blue paint scheme.
  • Green: Pattern-less black paint scheme.
  • Orange: Pattern-less orange paint scheme.
  • Red: Pattern-less red paint scheme.
  • White: Pattern-less flat white paint scheme.
  • Brown: Pattern-less dark brown paint scheme.
  • Olive: Pattern-less olive green paint scheme.
  • IDAP: Flat white paint scheme with additional livery in the form of IDAP logos and signage. Used exclusively by IDAP aid workers.


  • The MB 4WD appears to be based on the real-life "Wrangler" SUV designed by Jeep, a subsidiary of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles N.V.
  • Screenshots of the MB 4WD were initially shown via a tweet in early April 2016. Details of this can be read in SITREP #00151.
  • Leftover text strings (String name: str_a3_cfgvehicles_offroad_02_armed_base_f0) indicate that the MB 4WD was supposedly meant to have featured armed variants on Apex's release (like the Offroad). This is further supported by the fact that the MB 4WD's classname was specifically suffixed as being "unarmed".
    • The original armed model no longer exists in the game files, which suggests that this sub-variant was scrapped early in development.
    • The release of the Tanks DLC would eventually see the addition of two armed variants. It's unknown as to whether these new models are the same as their initial pre-release Apex models, however.


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