The MOS (full name: Marksman Optical Sights) is a medium powered, variable-magnification sniper scope primarily used by both NATO forces and in limited numbers with the AAF in ArmA 3.

It has a magnification strength range of 2.5x-5x and can often be seen mounted on sniper rifles such as the M320 LRR. It is also commonly found attached to designated marksman rifles like the Mk18 ABR.

The MOS comes with a backup iron sight and is available in two finishes; matte black and khaki green. It has a minimum zeroing range of 300 m to a maximum of 1600 m, while the backup iron sight uses a fixed zeroing of 200 m.


  • Prior to the release of the Marksman DLC, the MOS was called the SOS (Sniper Optical Sights) and used the same reticle as the LRPS.
  • The MOS is not directly based on any real-world sniper scope but draws similarities to various designs made by Schmidt & Bender and Leupold Optics.

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