Greyhawk / Abalil-3
Faction - AAF
Seats None
Item capacity Unknown
Top speed ~ 382 km/h
Service ceiling ~ 11,100 m
Fuel capacity 1000 L
Primary armament - 2x GBU-12 LGB [CAS Loadout]; OR
- 6x Skalpel ATGM [AT Loadout]
Secondary armament - 1x Laser Designator
- 240x Countermeasures (Flares/Chaff)
Variants None
The MQ4A Greyhawk / K40 Abalil-3 serves as the primary fixed-wing Unmanned Aerial Combat Vehicle platform used by NATOCSAT and the AAF.


  • Role:
    • Observation
    • Laser targeting
    • Air-to-ground fire support
« The MQ-4A Greyhawk is a combat ready unmanned aerial vehicle. It's based on a U.S. design proven by the MQ-9 with a turbo-propeller engine. It carries a modernized tracking and tracing equipment and improved camouflage. OPFOR engineers and manufacturers were able to perfect construction, but their engines are less fuel effective. The OPFOR drone is labeled K40 Ababil-3. Both sides arm the drone with air-to ground Scalpel missiles or laser guided bombs (CAS version).
Field Manual

Features Edit


MQ4A pylon configuration

In addition to its laser designator, the Greyhawk has two pylons (1-2) that support dynamic loadouts.

Each pylon can be fitted with one of the following:

  • Falchion-22 (1×)
  • ASRAAM (1×)
  • Scalpel (1×)
  • Scalpel (3×)
  • Shrieker HE (7×)
  • Shrieker AP (7×)
  • DAR (12×)
  • DAGR (12×)
  • GBU-12 (1×)
  • MK-82 (1×)

The Greyhawk's laser designator can also be used to guide some of its weapons, such as the DAGR or the GBU-12.


  • As stated in the Field Manual, the Greyhawk's design is inspired by the real-life "MQ-9 Reaper" UCAV designed by General Atomics.
  • Unlike the MQ-9 it uses forward mounted and rear-swept canard wings reminiscent of the cancelled Boeing "X-50 Dragonfly" prototype UAV.

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