The MSE-3 Marid is CSAT's primary armored personnel carrier.

MSE-3 Marid
Faction CSAT
Type APC
Seats 8
Item capacity Unknown
Top speed ~97 km/h
Fuel capacity Unknown
Primary armament 1 × 12.7mm HMG
Secondary armament 1 × 40mm GMG
Variants N/A


« The MSE-3 Marid is an amphibious 6-wheeled APC used by the CSAT army. It’s an agile and maneuverable vehicle with a low silhouette and compact size. Its reliability and maintenance costs match the western APCs. It’s fitted as standard with an RCWS turret with 40mm GMG and 12.7mm HMG and is able to carry up to 8 soldiers in the cargo space.
Field Manual


  • The Marid is based on the real-world "Arma" 6x6 vehicle, a Turkish-made APC designed by Otokar.


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