« The MX is a 6.5mm assault rifle used as a standard-issue weapon for the BLUFOR army. It is lightweight, reliable, easily serviceable and compatible with a large number of accessories. Several variants of the MX rifle exist: MX 3GL is equipped with a 3GL grenade launcher. MXM is a designated marksman rifle for engaging targets from a larger distance compared to assault rifles. MX SW is a light support weapon providing light machinegun support. And finally MXC is a carbine version with shorter barrel, better suited for close quarters combat. »

The MX series refers to the series of five "MX" type service rifles used by NATO forces in ArmA 3.

Attachments Edit

The MX 6.5mm weapon family accepts the following attachments:

Optics Edit

  • ACO (Red)
  • MRCO
  • ARCO
  • RCO

Suppressors Edit

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