« The MX is a 6.5 mm assault rifle used as a standard-issue weapon for the BLUFOR army. It is lightweight, reliable, easily serviceable and compatible with a large number of accessories. Several variants of the MX rifle exist: MX 3GL is equipped with a 3GL grenade launcher. MXM is a designated marksman rifle for engaging targets from a larger distance compared to assault rifles. MX SW is a light support weapon providing light machinegun support. And finally MXC is a carbine version with shorter barrel, better suited for close quarters combat. »

The MX 3GL is a NATO assault rifle featured in Arma 3, mounting a three-shot grenade launcher. The MX 3GL's grenade launcher is heavily based on the Metal Storm 3GL (a prototype Australian underbarrel grenade launcher that reloads through a tube holding up to three 40mm grenades, fired by an electric current activating the primer rather than it being struck with a pin; this allows for multiple rounds to be placed in a stacked magazine and decreases moving parts, thus increasing reliability), albeit with additional (unusable) rails on the sides. It most likely is intended to be a future variant of it.

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