MX SW 6.5 mm
Faction - NATO
Type Light Support Weapon / SAW
Caliber 6.5×39 mm NATO
Variants MX, MX 3GL, MXC, MXM

The MX SW is a 6.5 mm light support weapon used by NATO forces and in limited numbers with CTRG operators in ArmA 3.


The MX SW is a modified variant of the baseline MX rifle that is designed specifically to be a squad automatic weapon. Just like its parent model, it is also chambered to fire the same caseless 6.5×39mm NATO round.

Unlike its baseline counterpart however, it primarily feeds from 100 round belts stored in quad stack magazines as opposed to 30 round STANAGs (though it can still optionally load the latter). And while it shares the same fire rate of its parent weapon, it has a slightly higher muzzle velocity of 880 m/s due to its longer barrel.

Performance-wise, the MX SW is almost identical to the baseline MX but because it uses larger quad stack magazines, it can more efficiently suppress enemies. Accuracy-wise, there is no difference from the base model either.

Compared to its Pacific CSAT counterpart, the MX SW completely outclasses it in terms of accuracy. However, because the MX SW shares the baseline MX's low rate of fire, it is unable to match the CAR-95-1 when it comes to dispensing rounds at targets quickly.