« In use for nearly forty years the venerable PM Makarov served the Soviet Red Army and now serves the Russian Federation Armed Forces. Renowned for its simple and extremely reliable design, the Makarov can be found in abundance across the globe. Although the small, 8-round capacity is low by present-day standards, it gives the pistol a narrow profile. Equipped with a suppressor the silenced Makarov PM is an ideal weapon for special forces and assassins.
Armoury Description

Makarov 9 mm
Faction - Russian Armed Forces
- Takistan Army
Type Handgun
Caliber 9×18 mm
Variants Makarov SD
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The Makarov is a 9 mm handgun that is used by several factions in ArmA 2.

Overview Edit

The Makarov is a semi-automatic handgun chambered to fire the 9×18 mm round.

It loads from 8 round box magazines and can attain a fire rate of up to 400 rounds per minute, with a muzzle velocity of 320 m/s. The Makarov lacks the ability to mount accessories but does have a sub-variant that has a muzzle suppressor attached.

Light and compact to carry, the Makarov serves as the standard-issue sidearm of the Russian Armed Forces and several other factions from former USSR territories such as the ChDKZ and even the CDF itself. It has a decent rate of fire and relatively low recoil, which makes it easy to wield in most situations.

Its main drawbacks are its difficult-to-use ironsights which makes it hard to aim at targets beyond 25 metres (the Makarov has an actual effective range of 50 metres), and the low damage of its 9 mm round.

Variants Edit

Makarov SD Edit

Makarov SD 9 mm
Faction - Russian Armed Forces
- Takistan Army
Type Handgun
Caliber 9×18 mm SD
Variants Makarov
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The Makarov SD is simply a suppressed version of the standard Makarov pistol.

Like its parent, it is also chambered to fire the same 9×18 mm round but uses special subsonic ammunition that can only be loaded by the Makarov SD (the magazines themselves are not interchangeable).

Handling-wise, it is almost identical but has a slightly lower muzzle velocity of 310 m/s instead.

Unlike the baseline Makarov pistol, the Makarov SD is only used by Russian Spetsnaz and Takistani special forces units.

Trivia Edit

  • The baseline Makarov is based on its real-world counterpart of the same name ("PM") while the suppressed variant is based on the "PB".
    • The PB is a specially designed variant of the Makarov that has much of its slide replaced with an integrated suppressor.
  • Although portrayed as the primary sidearm of the Russian military, the in-game Makarov is incorrectly called by its manufacturer name instead of being designated by its real GRAU index code (6P9).

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