« The Mil Mi-24 (NATO reporting name: Hind) is a Russian-made large helicopter gunship also capable of a low-capacity troop transportation. The Mil Mi-24P (NATO reporting name: Hind-D) is a more advanced version of the original Mi-24 designed primarily as a weapons platform. »

The Mi-24 (NATO reporting name: Hind) is an attack and transport helicopter operated by the Russian Armed Forces and many other countries. It is a unique helicopter that has the capability to transport troops and support them after landing. The helicopter is sometimes known as the krokodil (crocodile), flying tank and stakan (drinking glass).

History Edit

In early 1960's, Soviet designer Mikhail Mil was impressed by the American UH-1 Huey helicopter in an airshow, especially their attack version, considering it better than Soviet helicopters. At that time, Mil felt that the Soviet doctrine for helicopter was lagging behind that of the Americans. While Western troops can call in helicopter gunships, Soviet troops only has jet strike fighters to support them in battlefields. Soviet helicopters then were simply troop transports, with some machine guns for protection. Mil decided to embark on a project to design a Soviet helicopter that can have the capability of the attack version of the UH-1 while able to transport troops.

The design that was to be the feared Mi-24 encountered many problems. Some conservatives in the Soviet armed forces were vigorously opposed to the new concept. Eventually however, Mil won and prototypes were made. Flight tests began in 1969 and the Mi-24 was accepted to service in 1972.

The helicopter proved its worth in the Soviet War in Afghanistan, inflicting severe personnel and psychological toll on the Afghan Mujaheddin. It was not until the arrival of American Stinger missiles that the Afghan fighters can somewhat regain balance, although the effect of the missile, while important, was often overstated.

Since then, the Hind has seen continuous action around the world. Some of the most recent include Afghanistan (by government forces against the Taliban), Iraq against ISIS, Syria and Eastern Ukraine (by government forces).

In Game Edit

ArmA 2 Edit

In ArmA 2, the Hind is the second most-used helicopter behind the Mi-8 Hip transport helicopter. It equips: Chernarussian Defence Forces, Russian Armed Forces, and with the Operation Arrowhead expansion, Takistani Army and Army of the Czech Republic. It has no direct parallel in the game, being the only helicopter with both transport capacity and offensive firepower.

Variants Edit

There are several variants of the Mi-24. They all have transport capacity as well as considerable armament.

Mi-24D Edit

Used by the CDF and the Takistan Army. This is the oldest version in-game. It is armed with 12.7 mm Yak-B heavy machine gun and AT-2 anti-tank missiles in addition to rockets.

Mi-24P Edit

Used by the Russian Forces. It has a GSh-30K automatic cannon and AT-6 anti-tank missiles in addition to rockets.

Mi-24V Edit

Used by the Russian Forces and the Army of the Czech Republic.

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