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Mi-290 Taru
Faction CSAT
Type Helicopter
Seats Varies
Top speed 250
Primary armament None
Secondary armament N/A

The Mi-290 Taru is a CSAT transport helicopter introduced in the Helicopters DLC.

Overview Edit

« The Mi-290 Taru is a heavy utility helicopter with coaxial rotors and a unique modular construction. Various mission pods allow the Taru to serve many different roles. It can transport cargo, troops, and provide battlefield supplies (ammunition, fuel, repair facilities, and medical equipment). The helicopter can also transport light vehicles thanks to its sling loading capabilities.
Field Manual

Capabilities Edit

The Taru is able to slingload and transport a variety of vehicles and equipment, including:

  • Ifrits (all variants)
  • Qilins (all variants)
  • Offroads (all variants)
  • Quad bikes
  • Saif UGVs (both variants)
  • Boats (including assault boats, speedboat miniguns, and rescue boats)
  • Swimmer delivery vehicles (SDVs)
  • Taru containers (including fuel, ammo, repair, and medical)
  • Supply boxes
  • Items in cargo nets (including the Cargo Net (NATO), Cargo Net (Box), and Cargo Net (Barrels))
  • Civilian cars and trucks (including the Zamak Transports, but excluding the Zamak Fuel and Zamak Repair)

The Taru's lifting abilities greatly exceed the vehicle transport version of the Xi'an. As such, the Taru is the only CSAT vehicle able to airlift Ifrits (armed and unarmed), SDVs, speedboat miniguns, and Saif UGVs. Note that only the plain Taru is able to slingload cargo. The Ammo, Bench, Cargo, Fuel, Medical, Repair, and Transport variants do not have slingloading ability.

For personnel transportation, all Taru variants carry 3 crew members; a pilot, copilot, and loadmaster. In addition, the Taru transport variant can carry up to 16 passengers, while the Taru bench variant can carry up to 8 passengers. The Taru medical variant is able to transport one flight medic in a seat and has stretchers which provide room for up to three casualties.

Trivia Edit

  • The Taru appears to be based the Sikorsky "CH-54 Tarhe", but is combined with the rotor configuration of the Kamov "Ka-226".

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