« The Mk14 is a classic battle rifle used in service since the sixties. It is a selective fire automatic rifle that fires the 7.62x51 mm NATO ammunition. Mk14 was replaced by advanced modern variants like Mk18 ABR, but thanks to its low cost, simple construction, and reliability, it is still used in several countries. »
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Mk14 Marksmen DLC screenshot
Faction FIA
Type Designated marksman rifle
Caliber 7.62×51 mm NATO
20 Rounds
Variants Mk18 ABR

The Mk14 is a outdated 7.62×51mm designated marksman rifle used by the FIA. It is featured in the ArmA 3: Marksmen DLC. Being outdated, it is a cheap and robust weapon that many guerrilla factions use. Its accuracy and range make a good weapon to use on the battlefield.



  • The retired version of the Mk14 is the United States Marine Corps M14 Designated Marksman Rifle.

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