« The Mk20 is a gas-operated rotating bolt, selective-fire weapon, which was designed as a highly moddable weapon. Its design and front ejection system allows true ambidextrous use. Two other variants of Mk20 exist. The Mk20C comes with a shorter barrel suitable for close combat and the Mk20 EGLM comes with an enhanced grenade launching module.
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Mk20 5.56 mm
Faction - AAF
Type Bullpup Assault Rifle
Caliber 5.56×45 mm NATO
Variants Mk20C, Mk20 EGLM

The Mk20 is a 5.56 mm bullpup assault rifle used by both the AAF and in limited numbers with FIA rebels in ArmA 3.


The Mk20 is a gas operated, selective-fire assault rifle that is chambered to fire the 5.56×45 mm NATO round.

It loads from 30 round STANAG magazines and can attain a rate of fire of up to roughly ~857 rounds per minute, with a muzzle velocity of 900 m/s. The top and side rails support being mounted with accessories, while the muzzle can also be fitted with attachments.


Mk20 fitted with an MRCO.

The Mk20 serves as the standard issue service weapon of the AAF, and is also used by FIA marksmen as a stand-in for heavier battle rifles. Similar to the TRG-21 used by the FIA, it is also a bullpup rifle that that is ideal for use in both short-medium ranged firefights due to its compact layout. Compared to the TRG-21, the Mk20's recoil is easier to manage (for a 5.56 mm weapon) and has a much higher rate of fire of 857 rounds per minute versus the TRG's 750.

But just like the TRG-21, the Mk20's usage of 5.56 mm ammunition means that it pales in terms of performance compared to other assault rifles that are chambered in larger calibres, such as the MX series which fires the 6.5 mm round.

As a result, while the Mk20 does have a higher muzzle velocity, it does somewhat less damage due to its smaller calibre. Both the weapon and its magazines are lighter to carry as well, but it also means that the operator needs to expend more ammunition in order to take down an armoured target.


  • Camo: Digitised semi-fractal camouflage pattern. Standard finish used by all AAF Mk20s.
  • Sand: Desert sand paint finish.



Main article: Mk20C


Mk20 EGLM 5.56 mm
Faction AAF
Type Bullpup Assault Rifle / UGL
Caliber 5.56×45 mm NATO / 40 mm
30 / 1
Variants Mk20, Mk20C

The Mk20 EGLM is a modified version of the baseline Mk20 rifle that has an underbarrel grenade launcher attached to it. As with its parent weapon, it is also chambered to fire the same 5.56×45 mm NATO round, while the grenade launcher can launch 40 mm grenades.

It loads from the same 30 round STANAG magazines and is virtually identical aside from having an increased inertia penalty on the operator due to the addition of the grenade launcher. The EGLM uses a red dot quadrant sight that can be zeroed up to a maximum distance of 400 metres.


  • The Mk20 and its sub-variants are based on the real-world "F2000" bullpup assault rifle designed by FN Herstal of Belgium.
    • More specifically it is based on the "Tactical TR" model of the F2000, and it uses a "Tri-Rail" foregrip that was then-designed by Monolith Arms (now owned by Magpul Industries).
    • The Mk20's designation should not be confused with the real-life "MK20 SSR", a designated marksman rifle that is also designed by FN Herstal.
  • The EGLM on the other hand, is based on FN Herstal's "GL1" grenade launcher module that was designed specifically for use on the F2000 family of bullpups.
  • Screenshots released during the pre-Alpha phase of ArmA 3's development indicated that the Mk20 was originally meant to be a NATO weapon. By the time of the Alpha and Beta's release however, it was eventually replaced by the MX.


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