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« The Mk200 is a gas-operated light machine gun based on the Belgian LMG with ergonomical grips, reinforced lock and quick barrel removal system. It fires 6.5x39 mm (caseless) ammunition fed from a belt with a rate of 800 rounds per minute. The Mk200 provides the squad with the accurate and sustained fire-power required to suppress and destroy enemy targets. »


Faction AAF


Type Squad automatic weapon
Caliber 6.5×39 mm caseless
200 rounds
Variants None

The Mk200 is a 6.5mm squad automatic weapon.


The Mk200 is a modified version of the Stoner 96 light machine gun and it's mainly used by the Altis Armed Forces, but also the FIA is equipped with the Mk200, more than likely ones they've salvaged or stolen from Altis Armed Forces personal. 

The Mk200 is a belt fed, gas operated fully-automatic that is chambered for 6.5×39 mm caseless. It's maxim magazine capacity is 200 rounds and fires at a rate 600 to 1000 rounds per minute. The Mk200 is an excellent choice for defense!


  • The Mk200 is based on the Stoner 96 LMG, a somewhat rare light machine gun offered up to the US Army as a competitor to the FN Minimi that is currently in service. It is commonly fielded by private military contractors.
    • It is also partially based on the LSAT LMG, a prototype light machine gun chambered for 5.56x45mm polymer-cased ammunition, similar to the Mk200's 6.5x39mm caseless, albeit a completely different round.

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