« The Mk30 HMG is a static machine gun used by infantry and support. Several projects were launched to replace the Browning M2, but each resulted in them being shelved for various reasons. The Mk30 made it through. Compared to the M2, it's lighter and more portable with better accuracy, utilizing new materials, electronic targeting help and a new tripod, trading portability for rate of fire. Based in the previous concept of the XM307/XM312, the Mk30 is chambered for .50 BMG cartridges with a rate of fire of 350 rpm and effective range up to 2000 meters. Mk30 also exists in an automatic/remotely controlled variant which is labeled Mk30A.
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Mk30 .50
Faction - NATO
Type Heavy Machine Gun
Caliber .50 BMG
Variable (dependent on platform)
Variants Mk30A, Mk32

The Mk30 is a .50 cal heavy machine gun that is universally employed by both Mediterranean/Pacific NATO forces, Mediterranean CSAT forces, as well as with the AAF in ArmA 3.


The Mk30 is a static/vehicle-mounted heavy machine gun that is chambered to fire the .50 BMG round.

It can attain a maximum fire rate of up to 500 rounds per minute with a muzzle velocity of 910 m/s, and has a variable ammunition capacity depending on the platform that it is being utilised on. It has the ability to switch between a zoom of 1x or 2x magnification strength, and can toggle either normal day or black/white-hot thermal vision modes.

Both standalone static HMG turrets feed from 500 round belt boxes and has a single box of another 500 rounds in reserve. Vehicle-mounted Mk30s like the ones found on the Prowler LSV or Speedboat on the other hand, can feed from 100 or 200 round belts instead.


Easy to carry and simple to set up, a two-man team can quickly establish a defensive position at almost any location with the Mk30.

The Mk30 serves as the basic HMG utilised by the three main factions in ArmA 3. Unlike its outdated predecessor, the Mk30 uses an integrated fire control sight that has a built-in laser rangefinder and automatic zeroing. Firing the powerful .50 BMG round, the Mk30 provides its operator with the ability to lay down suppressive and fairly accurate fire at ranges of between 500 and up to 2,000 metres.

It can be mounted onto either lowered or raised tripods; the former limiting its horizontal aiming arc to a maximum of 30 degrees in both directions unless disassembled and re-assembled to face another direction, and the latter providing a full 360 degree rotation arc.

The lowered Mk30 has less clearance and a restricted aiming arc, but compensates for it by making the gunner less visible and therefore harder to see and hit. The raised Mk30 on the other hand, provides better visibility and clearance over terrain objects (like rocks and grass) but in turn makes the gunner more vulnerable to enemy fire.

As with all static weapons, the Mk30 can be flipped upright if it is knocked over from an explosion or being crashed into by vehicles, or due to being assembled on either unstable/sloped terrain.



Mk30A .50
Faction - NATO
Type Autonomous Heavy Machine Gun
Caliber .50 BMG
Variants Mk30, Mk32A

The Mk30A is a modified Mk30 HMG that has been converted into an automatic sentry gun.

Unlike the conventional Mk30, the Mk30A removes the need for a gunner to operate and can function autonomously without the need for human input. It will automatically fire upon on any non-aligned hostile targets acquired by its sensor which has access to the same thermal and regular vision modes.

The Mk30A can be disassembled and re-assembled in the same way as the standard Mk30 HMG. It cannot be interacted with or controlled manually unless the operator has access to a UAV Terminal and connects to it directly.

It has a single 500 round belt of .50 BMG ammunition loaded by default, and has another spare belt left in reserve (the Mk30A does not need to be manually reloaded unless it runs out of belts). Like all autonomous vehicles, UAV Operators (class only) are able to hack the Mk30A depending on their side relation to the original owner of the turret.


  • The Mk30 is directly based on the real-world "XM312" heavy machine gun designed by the General Dynamics Corporation.
    • The real XM312 fires much more slowly than the in-game Mk30 however, which was one of the factors that led to its cancellation by the U.S. military in real-life due to its inferior fire rate compared to the "M2 Browning" that it was intended to replace.
  • Although the Mk30 is clearly an American-made weapon, it is ubiquitously seen amongst all three main factions. This includes both Mediterranean and Pacific CSAT forces which already use the NSVT-M HMG on their primary Main Battle Tank instead.
    • The NSVT-M is based on the real-world "NSV" heavy machine gun, a Russian-made HMG which is chambered to fire the 12.7×108 mm round as opposed to .50 BMG.
    • In reality, neither the Iranian Armed Forces nor the People's Liberation Army would be utilising a fictional spin-off design of the XM312 as the armed forces of both nations already possess their own indigenous HMG designs (both prototype and in service).
  • A backpack component for a raised counterpart of the Mk30A is available to select in the Virtual Arsenal but cannot actually be assembled in-game even if the user is carrying a raised tripod. This is because neither the model or config entry for the raised Mk30A exists in the game files.
  • Like all static weapons, neither the standard Mk30 nor the automated Mk30A can be placed in-game as Zeus or in the editor for Pacific CSAT forces by default. Pacific CSAT support gunners in particular, only carry the Mediterranean CSAT version of the Mk30 backpack.
  • Alongside the Mk32A, the Mk30A is one of the first two static weapons in the entire series that is capable of autonomous operation.


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