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« The Mk30 HMG is a static machine gun used by infantry and support. Several projects were launched to replace the Browning M2, but each resulted in them being shelved for various reasons. The Mk30 made it through. Compared to the M2, it's lighter and more portable with better accuracy, utilizing new materials, electronic targeting help and a new tripod, trading portability for rate of fire. Based in the previous concept of the XM307/XM312, the Mk30 is chambered for .50 BMG cartridges with a rate of fire of 350 rpm and effective range up to 2000 meters. Mk30 also exists in an automatic/remotely controlled variant which is labeled Mk30A. »
Faction Universal:
Type Heavy machine gun
Caliber .50 BMG
Variants Mk32

The Mk30 is a .50 BMG heavy machine gun.

Overview Edit

The Mk30 is used on tripods, raised tripods, autonomous tripods and on patrol boats. It is used by the NATO, CSAT and AAF factions.

Trivia Edit

  • The Mk30 is based on the XM312 heavy machine gun.
  • If assembled on a autonomous bipod, it cannot be manned but a UAV operator can use the Mk30 without getting shot.
  • In real life, the XM312 fires much slower than it does in ARMA 3.

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