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« Navid is a medium machine gun serving as a powerful support weapon. It uses the 9.3x64 mm ammunition. Navid's weight over 12 kg makes it quite difficult to fire from the standing position, but when deployed, it is a precise and deadly machine gun with outstanding suppressive effect. »
NAVID Marksmen DLC screenshot
Faction CSAT
Type Heavy machine gun
Caliber 9.3×64mm

The Navid is CSAT's 9.3×64mm heavy machine gun available with the purchase of the Marksmen DLC.

  • The Navid 9.3 mm Machine gun is a great weapon to use when at long or medium distances, it can fire normally, or you can use it's three-round hyper burst which is great for engaging enemies at a long or medium distances.
  • When using this weapon, you should have a overview of the area that you are engaging, and be dug in with a stable surface. Given that the caliber is 9.3, you can easily shoot through thin walls at a moderately close distance, punishing enemies behind cover. And unlike the other CSAT Machine gun the Zafir, you can add a suppressor to the weapon as well.

While it can be devastating from a defensive position, keep in mind that the Navid is also extremely heavy and poorly suited to recon patrols and similar situations.


  • This firearm is based off of HK's new MG-121 or also known as the MG-5.

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