Faction - NATO
Type Night Vision Sight
Magnification 5x
Zeroing range 300 m (fixed)
Variants None

The NVS (full name: Night Vision Scope) is a light-intensifying optical gunsight.

Design Edit

It is universally shared for use across all factions, has a magnification zoom of 5x, and comes with a desert sand finish. Unlike the TWS, it is designed purely for use in low-light conditions and cannot switch to "normal" day vision for use in daylight.

The NVS has a fixed zeroing range of 300 m that cannot be adjusted. Unlike the TWS scope, it also does not have an integrated laser rangefinder.

Trivia Edit

  • The NVS is a completely fictional design. However, it draws many similarities to real-life night vision scopes made by various companies such as ATN Corp and Elbit Systems.
  • It should be noted that besides lacking the top mount collimator sight, the NVS shares the exact same model as the Nightstalker scope.

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