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« "We have to show common citizens that our actions are focused on rooting out the evil, not on punishing anyone based on their nationality. Disarm the ordinary armed men, but eliminate all commissars, commanders and functionaries ruthlessly."
Soldier's Handbook, allegedly by Prizrak, supreme warlord of NAPA
National Party

Type of faction / organization

Nationalist guerilla movement

The National Party, or NAPA, is a nationalist guerilla organization based in the Republic of Chernarus. They hide out in the countryside.


The rebels of NAPA are partisans who want to rid Chernarus of any and all foreign influences, especially that of the United States of America and the Russian Federation. The rebels of NAPA don't trust the Chernarussian government one bit, as they believe that they have been heavily corrupted. NAPA rebels wear their usual civilian clothes mixed in with some imported surplus camouflage uniforms of that of different countries, such as the United States and Germany.

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At the end, the CDF and NAPA are united.

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