Faction CSAT
Type Thermal/Night Vision Scope
Magnification 4x-10x
Zeroing range 100-1000 m
Variants None

The Nightstalker is a unique multi-vision scope exclusively used by CSAT forces.

Design Edit

It has the same magnification strength range of regular TWS optics (4x-10x), but is capable of switching between four modes of operation; "normal" day vision, night vision, orange-hot thermal, and red-hot thermal. It also has an integrated laser rangefinder, and has a backup collimator sight for use in close quarters combat. It is only available in a chrome black finish.

One other unique capability of the Nightstalker is that it is capable of identifying targets for the user. When a valid object (such as a man-sized target) is aimed at, brackets will be displayed on the scope's reticle to notify the user that they are "locked" onto a target.

Because of its diverse capabilities, it is multi-role and is suitable for use on either short range weapons like assault rifles (such as the CAR-95), medium range weapons (designated marksman rifles like the Rahim), or even long range weapons such as the GM6 Lynx sniper rifle.

Trivia Edit

  • Like its night vision-only counterpart the NVS, the Nightstalker is a completely fictional design.
    • Hybrid scopes that are both night vision and thermal-capable do exist but are not as common as dedicated infrared or night vision scopes due to their prohibitively higher cost-per-unit, size, and weight.
  • Although indirectly similar, the Nightstalker's closest real-life equivalent would be the optical scopes designed by BAE Systems for the U.S. military's ENVG III/Family of Weapon Sights - Individual program.
  • The Nightstalker shares the same model with the NVS. The only difference between the two is the lack of a top mount collimator sight on the NVS and the chrome black finish on the Nightstalker.

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