An armed FIA offroad

The Offroad is a civilian truck, although it is also used by the FIA in unarmed, armed, and repair versions and by the Gendarmerie in an unarmed police-skinned version.

Due to their light weight, all variants of offroads are extremely portable for airlift operations. They can be slingloaded by NATO's CH-67 Huron and UH-80 Ghost Hawk, or by the AAF's CH-49 Mohawk and WY-55 Hellcat, as well as by CSAT's Mi-290 Taru and PO-30 Orca. They can also be internally transported by the vehicle transport variant of NATO's V-44X Blackfish, and the vehicle transport variant of CSAT's Y-32 Xi'an.

Overview Edit

" The 4x4 pickup by Generic Motors is a perfect choice for farmers and hunters. The durable chassis and powerful engine have been designed to withstand anything from cratered highways of Central Europe to the rugged terrain of the Mediterranean. The armed version is fitted with a .50 caliber heavy machine gun. It provides the combination of mobility and firepower to many paramilitary and guerilla forces in local conflicts around the globe. " - Field Manual, Offroad Entry

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