Faction - Civilians
- Gendarmerie
Type Pickup Truck
Seats All variants: 2 seats:
  • 1× Driver
  • 1× Front Passenger

Pickup variant: 6 seats:

  • 4× Rear Passengers

Services variant: 4 seats:

  • 2× Rear Passengers

Repair variant: 4 seats:

  • 2× Rear Passengers

Armed variant: 3 seats:

  • 1× Gunner
Item capacity Max: 4000 kg
  • 12× Weapons
  • 64× Magazines
Top speed ~ 200 km/h
Fuel capacity 45 L
Primary armament Armed only:
  • 1× M2 HMG .50
Secondary armament None
Variants Standard, Services, Repair, Armed

The Offroad is a light commercial vehicle primarily used by Altian/Tanoan civilians, IDAP aid workers, as well as both the FIA and Tanoan Gendarmerie.


  • Roles:
    • Civilian transportation
    • Troop transport
    • Ground vehicle repair
    • Law enforcement
« The 4x4 pickup by Generic Motors is a perfect choice for farmers and hunters. The durable chassis and powerful engine has been designed to withstand anything from the cratered highways of Central Europe to the rugged terrain of the Mediterranean. The armed version is fitted with a .50 caliber heavy machine gun. It provides the combination of mobility and firepower to many paramilitary and guerilla forces in local conflicts around the globe.
Field Manual


The Offroad is a rugged, four-wheel drive, all-terrain pickup truck.

It is available in four variants; a baseline unarmed pickup version that is meant to carry passengers only, two vehicle repair versions operated by the FIA and civilian mechanics, and an armed version that has a heavy machine gun mounted in the rear.

Mobility-wise, the Offroad has good acceleration both off and on road, and has decent handling on all kinds of terrain. In addition, due to their compact size and light weight, all variants of the Offroad can be airlifted by aircraft either internally or via slingloading.

They can be slingloaded by the Huron and Ghost Hawk, or by the Mohawk and Hellcat, as well as the Mi-290 and PO-30. On the other hand, the vehicle transport variant of the Blackfish and the vehicle transport variant of the Y-32 are capable of transporting them internally.

As a vehicle intended for civil use, the Offroad obviously does not have any kind of armour plating. Some variants, particularly those operated by the FIA, even lack passenger doors which means that both the driver and its passengers are equally vulnerable to small arms fire.

Transportation capacity varies depending on the variant, but all of them are able to carry at least a single passenger who sits alongside the driver in the front section.

Variants Edit

  • Offroad: Baseline variant with no additional features other than the ability to carry up to four passengers in the rear section. All positions (except for the passenger seat next to the driver) can utilise FFV; the front two sitting in the open cargo body need to stand up in order to fire their weapons. They are able to rest their weapons on the Offroad's roof for better stability as well. This variant is primarily used by the FIA as their troop transport but is also used by civilians and the Gendarmerie as well (It should be noted that the Gendarmerie variant has a police light bar on top).
  • Offroad (Services): Carries spare parts, tools, and components that can repair nearby land vehicles and grounded aircraft. Has two seats in the rear that allows for two additional passengers to be transported. It always uses a distinct canary yellow paint scheme with custom livery. An amber yellow light bar is placed on top of the roof and can be toggled on and off. This variant is not utilised by the FIA and is primarily used by civilian airport workers and mechanics only.
  • Offroad (Repair): Functionally identical to the Services variant bar the different camouflage scheme. This variant is utilised by the FIA exclusively.
  • Offroad (Armed): Armed version of the Offroad. Using the baseline version as the base, the two main differences are its troop capacity and the 12.7mm heavy machine gun fitted to the rear section. Unlike the Services/Repair variants, it can only transport the gunner, the driver, and a passenger. The M2 heavy machine gun comes pre-loaded with a single 100 round belt box of 12.7mm ammunition, and has up to 300 rounds worth of belt boxes in reserve (totalling up to 400 rounds). This variant is only utilised by the FIA.

Camouflage Edit

  • Red: Pattern-less red paint scheme.
  • Beige: Pattern-less beige paint scheme.
  • White: Pattern-less flat white paint scheme.
  • Blue: Pattern-less dark blue paint scheme.
  • Dark Red: Pattern-less dark red paint scheme.
  • Blue (Custom): Two-tone paint scheme with a dark blue chassis/body, pearl white rear section, and bumper that has custom livery.
  • Guerrilla (1-12): Multiple tone paint scheme with a variety of line and stroke patterns. Used exclusively by FIA Offroads only.
  • Services: Canary yellow paint scheme used by civilian repair services. Has additional livery in the form of ISLAND PORT AUTHORITY lettering written on the doors and black/bright green coloured stripes.
  • Gendarmerie: Single tone paint scheme with a white stripe and GENDARMERIE signage. Only used by Gendarmerie-operated Offroads.
  • IDAP: Flat white paint scheme with additional livery in the form of IDAP logos and signage. Used exclusively by IDAP aid workers.

Trivia Edit

  • The Offroad appears to be based on the 4x4 variant of the Isuzu "D-Max".
  • Although it would seem appropriate for them to have, the Syndikat do not utilise standard variants of the Offroad bar ones stolen from the Gendarmerie. This is due to the MB 4WD being a more abundant choice of vehicular transportation on Tanoa instead.

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