Operation Arrowhead is the main campaign in the game ArmA 2: Operation Arrowhead.

Background Edit

After the successful coup d'état and civil war, the victorious Socialists quickly used the vast oil reserves to strengthen Takistan, especially its armed forces. Shipments of heavy weapons, including SCUD missiles and covert weapons programs, made Takistan a regional power.

In 2012, a well-coordinated raid by the anti-government royalist rebels (possibly supported by CIA) destroyed 68% of country's oil wells, causing significant blow to the oil-dependent Takistani economy. To quell the increasing dissatisfaction, the Socialist Supreme Bureau threatened the neighboring Karzeghistan with the use of chemical weapons if the oil-rich Sharig Plateau, which was once a part of Takistan, wasn't returned to the Takistan.

The Western countries gave ultimatum to the Takistani regime to withdraw its forces or face an invasion. After the ultimatum expired, the U.S. and NATO forces began the strategic bombing on the country.

Plot Edit


The campaign starts with Sergeant First Class Terry Graves, working undercover for Takistani rebels to assassinate Takistani Army Colonel Muhammad Rahim Aziz, which could cripple the commanding structure, thus ending the conflict sooner. This attempt fails after Graves is discovered before he can shoot Aziz.

Ground campaign Edit

The ground campaign starts with the capture of Loy Manara Airfield, which serves as the main supply route for the Western Alliance forces. The main tasks of the campaign are to help the rebels, neutralization of SCUD missiles and capture of Aziz.

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