« The P07 is a semi-automatic pistol with an iron and reinforced polymer mix frame. Following the success of Glock, polymer based pistols became known as perfect handguns for both military use and self-defense and are available in various calibers. P07 allows easy mounting of suppressors. »

P07 9 mm

The P07 is a pistol used by NATO in Arma 3.


The P07 is a polymer framed semi-automatic double action only pistol. It is chambered in 9x21mm IMI. It comes with 16-round magazines, but it is also compatible with the 30-round magazine used by the PDW2000. The P07 is issued to all NATO infantry except special forces, who instead use the 4-five .45. A suppressor can be attached. As it is a pistol it is suitable only for close-quarters fighting and it can sometimes take more than five to nine rounds to kill an enemy combatant.

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