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« The P07 is a semi-automatic pistol with an iron and reinforced polymer mix frame. Following the success of Glock, polymer based pistols became known as perfect handguns for both military use and self-defense and are available in various calibers. P07 allows easy mounting of suppressors. »

P07 9 mm

The P07 is a NATO 9mm pistol featured in Arma 3.

The P07 fires 9×21 mm cartridges out of a 9mm 16Rnd mag.


The P07 is a polymer framed semi-automatic double action only pistol. It is chambered in 9x21mm IMI rounds, it can accept 16 round pistol mags or a curved 30 round SMG magazine. The P07 is the sandard issue sidearm of NATO and is issued to all base line combat troops. Because of the need for more stopping power some special forces members opt to use the 4-five handgun. The only attachment it can mount is a Suppressor. As it is a pistol it is suitable only for close-quarters fighting and it can sometimes take more than five to nine rounds to kill an enemy combatant, however always remember a handgun is better than nothing.

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  • The P07 semi-automatic pistol is based on the real life Walther P99 semi-automatic pistol.

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