NOTE: This article is about the P07 handgun in ArmA 3. For the ArmA 2 P-07 DUTY, see CZ 75.

« The P07 is a semi-automatic pistol with an iron and reinforced polymer mix frame. Following the success of Glock, polymer based pistols became known as perfect handguns for both military use and self-defense and are available in various calibers. P07 allows easy mounting of suppressors.
Field Manual

P07 9 mm
Faction - NATO
Type Handgun
Caliber 9×21 mm
16 / 30
Variants None

The P07 is a 9 mm handgun used by both NATO forces and CTRG operators in ArmA 3.

Overview Edit

The P07 is a polymer framed, double-action semi-automatic handgun chambered to fire the 9×21 mm round.

It can load from either 16 or 30 round magazines (the latter shared by SMGs such as the PDW2000) and is able to reach a fire rate of up to 500 rounds per minute, with a muzzle velocity of 410 m/s. The P07 does not support being fitted with any optical sights, but can have a sound suppressor attached onto its muzzle.

The P07 serves as the standard-issue sidearm of NATO and CTRG forces. Similar to its CSAT counterpart, the P07 is relatively easy to use and has low recoil and very good accuracy. Its ergonomic-design has night sights which allow the operator to hit targets with precision up to a distance of 50 metres.

As a pistol it is naturally only suitable for close quarters combat. Coupled with its use of rather lackluster 9 mm ammunition, it can sometimes take more than five to nine rounds in order to take down an armoured target.

Camouflage Edit

  • Tan: Matte black slide with a desert tan magazine grip and frame. Used by Mediterranean NATO forces and CTRG Group 14 operators.
  • Khaki: Matte black slide with a khaki green magazine grip and frame. Used by Pacific NATO forces and CTRG Group 15 operators.

Trivia Edit

  • The P07 is based on the real-world "P99" handgun designed by Carl Walther GmbH Sportwaffen of Germany, a subsidiary of the PW Group.
    • Though they share the same name the in-game P07 should not be confused with the real "CZ P-07" handgun.
    • The in-game counterpart is capable of loading the same 30 round magazines used by the PDW2000 despite the fact that the model's magwell would be unable to fit such magazines.
  • The khaki green-painted variant of the P07 was not initially included on ArmA 3's release and would only be added with the release of the Apex DLC.
  • Prior to the release of Game Update 1.26, the P07 incorrectly utilised the G17's inventory icon from ArmA 2: OA.

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