General Edit

The PCML is a fire-and-forget anti-armor launcher. It was designed to do minor damage to a tank and major damage to a MRAP or personnel carrier. Unlike the RPG-7 it has the ability to lock onto targets, which makes it effective against helicopters and other fast-moving targets. Infantry units equipped with PCMLs have an advantage over many vehicles.

Usability Edit

The PCML is used by infantry units, giving them advantage over many vehicles. With an ability to lock onto targets, this weapon puts the enemies under threat. Unlike the Titan launcher, a PCML missile fired without a lock-on will not follow the crosshairs and would change direction. Up to 5 AT missiles can be fired at any one time.

Missiles Edit

  • AT or anti-tank missiles are used against tanks, personnel carriers and other ground vehicles. They lock onto the target and follow it, even if it is moving at a quick speed.
  • AP or anti-personnel missiles are especially efficient against infantry units, since they are guided by following the crosshairs launcher. This is quite useful since a missile cannot lock onto an infantry unit, and will have to be controlled manually.
  • AA or anti-air missiles are used against aerial vehicles such as planes, helicopters and drones. They lock onto the target even if it is moving at a large speed, and then destroy it. Some targets may begin flaring if they see the threat of this missile.

Trivia Edit

  • The PCML is based on the MBT LAW, which is used by the British armed forces.
  • The maximum effective range for a PCML is 600 meters.
  • PCML missiles are noticeably faster than other launchers, which makes it a slightly more dangerous weapon.

Gallery Edit

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