« The PM is a Russian semi-automatic pistol, which became the Soviet Union's standard military and police side arm in 1951. Although its nominal caliber was 9.0 mm, the actual bullet was 9.22 mm in diameter, since caliber in Russia is measured between the grooves and not the lands of the rifling. Being shorter and wider, the 9 mm cartridge is thus incompatible with pistols chambered for 9×19 mm cartridges and vice-versa.
Field Manual

PM 9 mm
Faction Syndikat
Type Handgun
Caliber 9×21 mm
Variants None

The PM is a 9 mm handgun exclusively used by Syndikat rebels in ArmA 3. It was added with the release of the Apex DLC.

Overview Edit

The PM is a semi-automatic handgun chambered to fire the 9×21 mm round.

It loads from 10 round box magazines and can attain a fire rate of up to 400 rounds per minute, with a muzzle velocity of 315 m/s. Unlike other handguns, the PM is unable to mount any accessories or muzzle attachments.

The PM is a relatively light weapon to carry, which enables its operator to carry additional magazines either for it or other weapons. Compact in size, it is also very easy to handle indoors for use in close quarters combat.

Its main drawbacks are its extremely low accuracy and range; both of which are poor even by the standards of most handguns. It has an unergonomic design that lacks night sights, which also makes it difficult to aim at targets from afar or when there is poor visibility due to darkness or weather conditions.

Trivia Edit

  • The PM is based on its real-world counterpart of the same name.
    • Unlike the real PM handgun, the in-game PM is strangely chambered to fire the ubiquitous 9×21 mm round shared by both the P07 and Rook-40 (however, its magazines are not interchangeable with either of the two).
    • It also unrealistically loads from 10 instead of 8 round magazines which would not be possible either in real-life or with the way that the PM's magazine is modelled in-game.
  • It is one of the few weapons in ArmA 3 to be called by their real-life manufacturer names in-game.

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