The PP-19 Bizon is a unique Russian submachine gun with its distinctive 64 round helical magazine. It is based heavily on the AKS-74U and functions much the same way but the use of the smaller 9x18 mm round trades penetration and range for magazine capacity and control.

Appearances Edit

ArmA 2: Edit

In ArmA 2, the Russian Spetsnaz special forces are equipped with Bizons, both the normal and silenced version, during their operations in Chernarus. The Bizon can be considered as somewhat a counterpart to the MP5 submachine gun, although the 64-round magazine and comparable damage and accuracy make the Bizon statistically superior. Furthermore, unlike the MP5, the Bizon is not used as a personal defense weapon for Russian pilots.

While having an edge over MP5, the Bizon is arguably inferior to 5.56 or 5.45 mm rifles such - as the M16 and AK-74 - on open battles. This is mostly due to its 9x18 mm rounds not having sufficient energy to go as far or damage as badly as rifle rounds. Inside a city or close-quarter environments however, the Bizon is equally a formidable weapon as any rifle.

In-Game Data Edit

ArmA 2: Edit

Cartridge: 9x18 mm

Magazines used: 64-round 9x18 mm Bizon magazine (standard and silenced rounds)

Accessories: Iron sights, silencer

Users: Russia (Spetsnaz only)

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