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The Prowler is a Light Strike Vehicle used by both NATO forces and CTRG operators.

Prowlers can be airlifted by V-44X vehicle transports, as well via slingloading with CH-67 and UH-80 helicopters.

Faction NATO
Type Light Strike Vehicle
Seats Unarmed: 5 (1 x Driver, 4 x Passengers); OR
Armed: 4 (1 x Driver, 1 x Gunner, 2 x Passengers)
Item capacity Unknown
Top speed ~170 km/h
Fuel capacity 45 L
Primary armament - 1x Mk30 12.7mm HMG (3x 100 Rnds)
Secondary armament - SPMG .338 GPMG (3x 130 Rnds)
Variants - Unarmed

- Armed



  • Role:
    • Troop transport
    • Reconnaissance
« The Prowler is a light strike vehicle (LSV). That means it’s agile, lightly armored and uses speed, maneuverability, and off-road mobility to avoid threats. Two configurations of Prowler exist. The armed variant is equipped with two machine guns. The front seated position carries .338 SPMG medium machine gun, while the top turret is equipped with a .50 cal heavy machine gun. With this arsenal, the Prowler is ideal for quick hit and run missions. The unarmed variant is stripped of all guns, but the back part of the vehicle is opened and has reserve seats for two additional soldiers.
Field Manual

Trivia Edit

  • The Prowler is based on the real-world "DAGOR", an air-droppable light off-road vehicle developed by Polaris Industries.
  • It is one of the candidate designs taking part in the U.S. Army's Ground Mobility Vehicle (GMV) program.


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