Faction - CSAT
- Viper
Type Light Strike Vehicle
Seats Unarmed: 7 seats:
  • 1× Driver
  • 6× Passengers

Armed: 7 seats:

  • 1× Driver
  • 1× Gunner
  • 5× Passengers
Item capacity Max: 4000 kg
  • 12× Weapons
  • 64× Magazines
Top speed 177 km/h
Fuel capacity 55 L
Primary armament Armed only:
  • 1× Gatling Gun 6.5 mm
Secondary armament None
Variants Unarmed, Armed

The Qilin is a Light Strike Vehicle exclusively used by both CSAT recon forces and Viper operatives. It was added with the release of the Apex DLC.

Overview Edit

  • Roles:
    • Troop transport
    • Reconnaissance
« An agile, lightly protected vehicle for 5-6 soldiers – depending on the configuration. Qilin offers safe and fast operating speeds with superior levels of mobility and maneuverability. It is highly adaptable to severe, rugged and restrictive terrains while providing off-road, cross-country mobility under all types of weather conditions. CSAT Pacific forces primarily use the unarmed variant and the armed variant fitted with a 6.5 mm minigun.
Field Manual

Design Edit

The Qilin is a 4x4 all-terrain, high-mobility vehicle designed to be light, fast and transportable by air.

It is available in two variants, a baseline unarmed version that lacks any weapons and an armed variant fitted with a gatling gun.

Unlike its NATO counterpart, the armed version does not have to compromise on its transportation capabilities and can provide seating for up to six passengers (including the gunner and excluding the driver) regardless of the variant. It can be airlifted by Y-32 vehicle transports, as well via slingloading with Mi-290 cargo helicopters.

Variants Edit

  • Qilin: Baseline variant. It has enough seats to transport up to six passengers, one of whom sits in the (weaponless) turret ring located in the centre of the vehicle. The ring in the centre allows for its passenger to stand up, giving them more clearance while firing on the move. All other passengers are also capable of firing out of the vehicle, but the vehicle itself is otherwise completely unarmed.
  • Qilin (Armed): Armed variant of the Qilin. It can also transport the same amount of passengers (including the gunner) but has a 6.5 mm gatling gun mounted on a turret ring located in the centre of the vehicle. The externally mounted gatling gun comes pre-loaded with a single 500 round belt box of 6.5 mm ammunition, and has additional belt boxes stored in reserve totalling up to 1,000 rounds.

Camouflage Edit

  • Black: Pattern-less chrome black paint scheme. Has very limited uses outside of operations set during the night or in areas with very low visibility.
  • Hex: Arid Hexacam camouflage pattern. Useful for forested, grass plains, and desert environments.
  • Green Hex: Tropical Hexacam pattern camouflage. This is used in heavily forested and tropic environments.

Trivia Edit

  • The Qilin is a slightly altered version of the real-world "Light Strike Vehicle Mark II", a fast attack vehicle developed by ST Kinetics Ltd of Singapore.
  • The name "quilin" is derived from a Chinese mythological chimera-like creature, typically depicted as a combination of a Chinese dragon with a horse or a deer.

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