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« The RPG-42 Alamut is a lightweight, reloadable and recoilless anti-tank weapon fired from the shoulder. It's based on modern Russian rocket launchers and produced in the Middle East. The RPG-42 Rocket is best used against light-armored vehicles and defenses, though when used against a tank, it could damage its tracks. »
Type Unguided launcher

The RPG-42 is an unguided anti-armor launcher.

Overview Edit

The RPG-42 Alamut is a Un-guided Missile Launcher used by CSAT and FIA. It fires AT Missiles which use to destroy Armored Personal Carriers and does minor damage to tanks and fires HE Missiles which are used against buildings, Light Armored Vehicles and ground infantry.

Trivia Edit

  • The RPG-42 is based on the Russian-Jordanian RPG-32 Hashim hand-held anti-tank grenade launcher.
  • It is recommended to let enemy vehicles halt before firing as both AT and HE missiles cannot lock on to the target and are not laser guided.
  • The RPG-42 comes with ballistic markings to make designated targets easier to hit.

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