« The RPG-7 is a recoilless, shoulder-fired, muzzle-loaded, reloadable anti-tank grenade launcher. The RPG-7V model can be fitted with a telescopic sight and both infrared and passive night sights. It can also fire the powerful PG-7VR 105mm tandem HEAT rocket grenade.
Armoury Description

Faction - Russian Armed Forces
- Takistani Army
- United Nations
- Takistani Rebels
- Takistani Militia
Type Rocket Launcher
Caliber 40 mm / 105 mm
Variants None
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The RPG-7V is a 40 mm rocket launcher that is used by several BLUFOR, OPFOR and Independent factions in ArmA 2.

Overview Edit

The RPG-7V is a portable, reusable, unguided, shoulder-launched, anti-tank, rocket-propelled grenade launcher.

It can be loaded with either one of the four types of grenades designed exclusively for use with the RPG-7V. These range from the anti-vehicle PG-7V and PG-7VL rockets, to the dedicated anti-tank PG-7VR grenade, as well as the OG-7V anti-personnel grenade. All of which have different effective ranges and in the case of the anti-vehicle/anti-tank grenades, variable levels of penetration. It cannot be fitted with optics and only uses a traditional ironsight that cannot be zeroed.


Ready to fire.

The RPG-7 is a versatile shoulder-fired launcher that can be used against infantry and vehicles alike. With one quick switch of a grenade, an RPG-7V operator can easily become a dedicated anti-ground vehicle or anti-infantry soldier.

It is easier to carry than the heavier 9K115-2 ATGM, and packs more of a punch than the lighter (and weaker) RPG-18. As each round only occupies two inventory slots, an RPG-7V operator can comfortably carry up to three to four grenades at a time; with more if necessary provided they have an assistant holding grenades for them in a backpack.

The only real drawback to the RPG-7V is that because it lacks any kind of guidance for its munitions or magnified optics, it cannot be effectively used beyond 300 metres even though it has a theoretical maximum range of 500 metres. Beyond that distance, hitting a target with any degree of precision requires a lot of practice to achieve (and a shred of luck as well) simply due to the unpredictable flight trajectory of the grenades.

Munitions Edit

The RPG-7V is unique for being able to utilise four different types of grenades. Each of them have varying levels of armour penetration (in the case of the anti-vehicle rounds) and explosive power:

PG-7V Edit



Standard issue grenade round. Uses a high-explosive anti-tank (HEAT) warhead.

The PG-7V uses a shaped charge warhead which grants it armour piercing capabilities. It is ideal for use against light vehicles such as the HMMWV or LAV-25, but is practically useless against heavily armoured vehicles such as the American M1A1 Main Battle Tank

Antiquated Soviet-era tanks like the T-34 or the T-55 can also be penetrated with this grenade, though modern Infantry Fighting Vehicles such as the M2A3 Bradley will be able to resist a few direct hits so as long as they are not struck in the rear.

It has an effective range of 300 metres and a maximum of 500 metres.

PG-7VL Edit



Uses a single-stage HEAT warhead.

It is very similar to the basic PG-7V grenade in terms of performance and weighs the same, but has increased penetration against armoured vehicles. However, it is still mostly useful against light and medium armoured vehicles only, and can only inflict moderate damage if a hit is scored on the rear of MBTs.

Note that the PG-7VL has even less explosive filling than the PG-7V, so it does very little explosive damage and has a relatively tiny splash radius.

It has an effective range of 300 metres and a maximum of 500 metres.

PG-7VR Edit



Uses a 105 mm tandem HEAT warhead.

The most powerful of the anti-vehicle grenade rounds, the PG-7VR is a dedicated anti-tank grenade that has the highest damage value out of the three. It is the only round that can inflict serious damage against MBTs like the M1A1 or even the Russian T-90 regardless of where it hits, though rear shots are still recommended.

However, as the heaviest grenade out of the four the PG-7VR also flies significantly more slowly compared to the PG-7V/PG-7VL as it has an initial launch velocity of just 70 m/s, with a maximum speed of 200 m/s.

This greatly limits its effective range to just 100 metres and less, as beyond that distance targets will be extremely difficult, if not impossible, to hit with any hint of accuracy (especially against a fast moving vehicle).

The PG-7VR is the only grenade that occupies three inventory slots as opposed to two.

OG-7V Edit



Uses a high-explosive fragmentation (HE-Frag) warhead.

The OG-7V is an anti-personnel grenade that relies exclusively on explosive damage. It has the largest splash radius of the four grenade rounds, and is highly effective against clustered infantry and even light vehicles such as the HMMWV or UAZ-469.

It is completely redundant against any kind of armoured ground vehicle, though it can be used to some effect against certain Armoured Personnel Carriers and IFVs by blowing up their wheels or tracks with a direct hit (inflicting a mobility kill), or the RWS turret and externally-fitted optics on any modern MBT.

It has an effective range of 300 metres and a maximum of 500 metres.

Trivia Edit

  • The RPG-7V's reloading animation is erroneously shared with all other AT launchers (including ATGMs such as the American Javelin).
  • Along with the AK-74 assault rifle, it is one of the most ubiquitous weapons in ArmA 2, with virtually every OPFOR faction using it as a standard-issue AT weapon. In addition, United Nations peacekeepers, the various Takistani rebel groups, as well as the Czech military and former Soviet BLUFOR/Independent factions such as the CDF and NAPA, employ use of the RPG-7V.

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