« The RPK-74 is a light machine gun, first presented in 1974. It is a modernized variant of the AK-74 rifle and the modifications implemented mirror those made to the AKM. The RPK-74 uses 5.45x39 mm cartridges.
Armoury Description

RPK-74 5.45 mm
Faction - Russian Armed Forces
- United Nations
- Takistan Army
Type Light Support Weapon / SAW
Caliber 5.45×39 mm
Variants None
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The RPK-74 is a 5.45 mm light support weapon that is used by several factions in ArmA 2.


The RPK-74 is a gas operated squad automatic weapon that is chambered to fire the 5.45×39 mm round.

It is primarily designed to load from 75 round drums, though it can also (optionally) load 30 round magazines used by the AK-74 family as well. The RPK-74 can attain a fire rate of up to 600 rounds per minute, and has a muzzle velocity of 900 m/s. The RPK-74 features a (non-functional) integrated bipod but does not support being fitted with any optical sights or side rail accessories, nor can it be suppressed.


ChDKZ insurgent armed with the RPK-74.

The RPK-74 is the most widely used SAW in the game, with the majority of factions having their automatic riflemen equipped with it by default. Similar to its American, PMC, and German counterparts, the RPK-74 serves as a light machine gun with a large magazine size and decent accuracy over short-medium distances.

While the RPK-74 is less accurate than 5.45 mm assault rifles like the AK-107, it compensates for this by using a 75-round drum magazine instead that gives it better firepower. The RPK-74 can also load from the same magazines used by the AK-74 should the situation demand it.

However, the RPK-74's main disadvantage compared to its contemporary counterparts is its very slow rate of fire. Unlike with other SAW-type weapons, the RPK-74 shares the same low fire rate of its parent rifle.

The other disadvantage is that it only has 75 rounds in its drum as opposed to the 200 round belts for the M249 or the 100 rounds of the XM8/MG36. In addition, the RPK-74's drums occupy the same amount of slots as well, which means that the operator is carrying far less total ammunition while using up the same amount of inventory space.

Fortunately, this is somewhat offset by the fact that 5.45 mm ammunition is extremely common amongst the majority of factions in ArmA 2, which means that the operator shouldn't have much too much trouble in resupplying the RPK-74.


  • Unlike its real-world counterpart, the RPK-74 erroneously feeds from 75-round drums as opposed to 45-round box magazines.
    • While previous models of the RPK-74 did use drum magazines, they were discontinued in favour of box magazines due to reliability issues with the drums.


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