« "Randy is a hard man to get to know. I think it‘s fair to say he keeps his distance in the company but despite that he‘s become something of a talisman to be honest. It's something I've tried to discourage."
Cpt Shaftoe
Randolph "Ice Cold" Sykes
Arma2-render-Randy Sykes


October 14th 1975 (official website)
June 15th 1974 (Armaverse timeline)






Harvest Red






USMC (instructor)


Staff sergeant, Special warfare instructor

SSgt Randolph "Ice Cold" Sykes is a former member of USMC Razor Team.


Life and careerEdit

'Randy' Sykes, born in Texas, has accumulated a decent number of accommodations and awards throughout his career in the Marine Corps and is fairly decorated. He has taken part in multiple black operations, some of which are still marked as classified. With many tours of combat under his belt, he is admired by his teammates for remaining calm and sharp, or "Ice Cold", in the toughest of situations. As a naturally skilled shooter, Sgt. Sykes is Razor Team's Designated Marksman. The actual events that occurred behind his alleged 2.3 kilometer confirmed kill, often spoken about by the 27th MEU 'boots', remain classified. Training courses he has completed are listed below:

School of Infantry (SOI), Basic Reconnaissance Course (BRC), Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape (SERE) school, and Marine Corps Martial Arts Program (MCMAP).

Sgt. Randolph 'Ice Cold' Sykes is WIA during Operation Fiery Mountain in Zargabad. Following a slow recovery from his wounds, Sykes becomes a special warfare instructor at Marine Special Operations School, Camp Lejeune.

Special skillsEdit

  • Exceptionally good shooting and camouflaging abilities
  • Expertise in deep reconnaissance


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