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Razor Two is a mission in Harvest Red. After the death of Miles, Team Razor is assigned to recapture the leaders, Lopotev and Bardak.


  • Talk to Dressler
  • Find Evidence
  • Find and capture Bardak
  • Find and capture Lopotev

There is a time limit on this mission.


This mission is considered open, with the players having practically free roam throughout the entire map. After a briefing, you are directed to Elektrozavodsk to speak with Dressler.


During the course of the mission, you will have three possible clue paths.

Enemy campsEdit

Dressler will give the location of three vacant camps that were used by the enemy, and mark them on the map.

The first camp closest to Elektrozavodsk is already occupied by friendly marines.

The second camp, northeast of Staroye, is vacant.

The third camp, north of Guglovo, has enemies present. You should be able to find some photos.


In Vyshnoye, you can interrogate some of the people in town. If you speak with the one waiting nest to the water pump, he will say that some cars were stopped at a farm to the south, and tell you to speak with Malik.

When you reach Malik, choose "Please Cooperate", followed by "Do you want to go to jail?". These options will have him direct you to the nearby castle.

This castle contains a mapcase, which may be collected as evidence.


In the middle of town, Olegich will call for help when you approach. He will bring you to a barn on the west end of town.

Enemy forces will mostly attack from the direction of the forest to the south-west, although there may be a single enemy that approaches from the north. When all enemies are defeated or routed, return to the rally location and speak with Olegich. he will direct you to the power plant that is north of Elektrozavodsk.

At the power plant, the doorman will direct you to Solnichniy. There's no hostiles here, although there is a gold AK-47 in the plant.


At around noon, Battlemage will inform Razor Team of the impending escape. The enemy is expected to head north of Gorka, and may try to slip through.

As soon as the message arrives, you should activate your transport support, and use him to travel and survey vehicles from the air.