Robert Hammer is a playable character in the Cold War Crisis campaign. He is an American tank commander assigned to the Malden island chain.

Operation Flashpoint Edit

Lt. Robert Hammer was a U.S. Army officer assigned to the NATO forces in the Malden Islands chain in 1985. He had been an infantry officer, but dreamed of being a tank commander, eventually getting transferred to an armored unit where he began his tank training.

At first, Hammer struggled to learn tank basics, specifically how to drive the vehicle. He developed a reputation for running into or over things during training that irritated his superiors. Despite this however, Hammer was very confident in himself and his abilities, fully believing that he could rise to the challenge. As evidence of this, he would often write in his journals about how he would "bring down the Hammer" upon America's enemies.

Cold War Crisis (1985)Edit

Lt. Hammer was on the island of Malden when nearby Everon was invaded by unknown forces. NATO dispatched most of the available Malden forces to respond, but Hammer did not participate as he was still undergoing tank training.

As NATO forces were pushed off of Everon and Malden itself became a battlefield, Hammer began hearing stories that the invaders were in fact Soviet soldiers. The stories seemed to be confirmed when, NATO being short of tank commanders on the island, Hammer was suddenly ordered to report to the front lines and his commander all but confirmed it, pointing out that the invaders were using Russian weapons and tanks.

While reporting for duty, Hammer nearly ran over his own commanding officer in his M60 tank, knocking over several objects in the American camp. The angry Major refrained from punishing him as they needed every tank crewmen they could find. Hammer was ordered to drive to another camp, where he was to be complete his training as a tank commander, with his training officers acting as the gunner and driver. Hammer performed well, and was suddenly called to defend against a Soviet attack to the south. after fending a second attack following the initial American victory, Hammer's unit was ordered to attack the heavily defended "border zone", where scores of Soviet tanks awaited. The Americans aborted the attack as it became clear they would be decimated. Later, a special forces unit led by James Gastovski destroyed most of the Soviet tanks with demolition charges, clearing the way for Hammer's unit to easily retake that portion of the island.

Hammer participated in the NATO counteroffensive that pushed the Soviets off the island and also participated in the liberation of Everon. During this time, he traded his M60 tank for a new state-of-the-art M1A1 Abrams tank, much to his delight. During the Everon operation he was promoted and assigned command of his own tank platoon.

Status Quo (1991)Edit

Six years following the end of the war and NATO's victory, Robert Hammer was contacted by his old friends James Gastovski, David Armstrong, and Sam Nichols about a proposed reunion on Everon. Hammer agreed and flew to Everon where the four veterans met and shared drinks at a local pub.

ArmA 3 (2035) Edit

Apex Protocol Edit

In the ending cinematic, an AAN text scroll reveals Robert Hammer has become a U.S. Senator, and is currently leading the 50th annual commemoration of the Malden Islands Crisis.